List of flags with red, white, and blue stripes

Each country has a symbol, usually a flag that combines her people and who can wear it and proudly demonstrate. Flags are especially important because they are used to represent the country in the international situation. All flags must be unique and distinguishable. Country can be easily identified; However, in many countries, flags have similar color schemes and patterns, which makes it difficult to distinguish them.

Flags with red, white, and blue stripes often symbolize the relations of peoples with other countries, for example, the Flag of the Netherlands and the flags of his former colonies. Countries with red, white, and blue stripes:

Flags with other types of red, white, and blue drawings are:

As they said earlier, some countries have flags similar to the flags of others, representing either one country and its colony, or special relations between the two countries.

The United Kingdom and Australia There are similar red, white and blue flags. The United Kingdom flag depicts Union Jack as each flag. On the contrary, on the Australian flag, There is a Union Jack in the upper corner of the lift and one six-pointed star representing every Australian state, and five other stars of the southern cross. Union Jack on the Australian flag symbolizes the history of Australia as six British colonies or demonstrates the loyalty of the British Empire. The flag of New Zealand is similar to Australian, except that there are four stars in it instead of six, and the stars are red with white contours.

The flag of Liberia is very similar to the United States Flag. USA Flag It has 13 red and white stripes and a blue field in the upper corner of the lift with 50 white stars representing 50 US states. Flag of Liberia It has 11 red and white stripes and one white star in a blue field in the upper corner of the lift. This suggests that Liberia was founded by a group of free color people who were previously enslaved black from the USA. 11 bands symbolize those who signed the Declaration of Independence of Liberia, and their colors personify courage and moral superiority. White Star presents the first independent republic in Africa.

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