Countries with square flags

Which country flag has a square shape, and why this figure is used as the basis? In fact, today such as many states (recognized by the UN and other countries of the world). But the reason for using a non-standard form, if you believe historians, originates from heraldic symbols. They say it is the square that marks equality and spiritual fullness.

What flag has a square shape

The square flag is mainly used in international organizations, by the type “Red Cross”. But their banner is not positioned as a separate prick but applies as an information symbol. And put into use according to the results of the agreement, and not a declaration, as it happens from states.

Countries with square flags

The state flag of which country has a square shape? Now, this form is used in the flags of the following powers:

  • The Vatican. Enclave State, which is located in the central part of Rome. Despite the fact that all legal formalities are observed as a separate country, does not participate in international agreements (by type UN), observing absolute independence from all cases, except religion (Catholicism).

Which country flag has a square shape

  • Switzerland. Their flag is a red square cloth with a white cross. By the way, his form by decision of the Olympic Committee during the Olympics (meaning to designate the participants in the competition) is changed to the generally accepted rectangular form.

which country has a square flag

  • Niger. Also has a square flag approved and used since 1959. Is a tricolor, like all other powers that are a long time as a French colony. It is believed that the orange color prevailing on the flag is a symbol of the desert, which occupies a significant territorial part of the state. And the green stripe symbolizes the fertile wealth of local lands. Although today there are doubts about this (due to the essential weathering of the soil).

what flag has a square shape

  • Belgium. The basis is the tricolor used by the revolution in the 19th century. According to historians, the colors used those used in the Duchy Brabant. According to another version, the Tricolor is applied by the same scheme as Niger: Belgium was a long time by the colony of France.

Square flag

  • Monaco. The flag is considered since the 19th century when it was used to describe the era of the gallery of the 3rd. And this paper is visually extremely similar to Indonesian, because of what was even submitted in the middle of the 20th century. But according to the result, he was rejected, since Indonesia has a form of preparation and is different – it is rectangular.


And it is worth noting that the flag is the square in all countries. For example, Niger’s side ratio: 6 to 7. Belgium 13 to 15, and Monaco 4 to 5. True Square Parapper – only Vatican and Switzerland.

By the way, there is a science studying flags – vexillology. And according to the scientist engaged in it, the most “non-standard” flag – at Nepal, which is two protruding pennants of red. The Olympic Committee at one time, and it was planned to lead to a rectangular view. But this “offer” was rejected by Nepal. And now is the only country during the competition for which the non-standard flag is used.

In total, today there are 5 countries in which Prapor – square (or close to this figure in their form). From the legal side, there are no prohibitions for this, the international community is obliged to recognize their national symbols without any complaints with the independence of this or that country.

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