Flag of the Olympic Games: meaning and colors

Olympic Games – Exceptional Also Largely Earth Event. These competitions differ in the close weaving of the sports and festival began. Olympic Games are not only an athletic competition but also a demonstration of the state in the international man neva. Directly in this event, it is possible to show as a sport formation of civilization, thus also its civilized characteristics.

Each time the organizers seek to hit, also to please the public, having done in that case, the fact that there were never before one person before, however, it is remembered in decades. The presence of this flight imagination accurately meets the conditions of the Olympic Committee.

Olympic Games – more than an ordinary competition or a cultural event. For most athletes, these competitions are life itself. Olympic flag and also logo – the main properties of the phenomenon used since 1920. In a tie, popular billions of the population of the Earth, are presented with 5 rings of various shades with each other.

What symbolizes the flag?

The traditional Olympic flag has a white background, which is obliged to emphasize the desire of athletes to the world around the world. This sign arrived from ancient Greece. In these distant times, the Olympic Games were a reason to stop everything without exception. Over Europe and her neighbors fought the world.

According to the formation of the tradition, from several months until the event, the President of the International Olympic Committee sends to the UN headquarters appeal to absolutely all countries to stop hostilities, until the Olympic Games are held. Unfortunately, not all states adhere to the order of peace and calm in these happy moments when athletes are found at the celebration of sports.

Olympic flag-1

What is the symbolism of the Olympic flag?

On a white background, 5 intertwined rings are presented, each of which has an individual color special. They symbolize 5 elements of light where athletes who participate in the Olympics live and train:

Ring color Designation
Blue Europe
Black Africa
Red America
Yellow Asia
Green Australia

Blue, black also the Red Ring is in the top row, yellow and green – under them. Intertwining between him, these elementary and understandable signs personify the integrity of all the mainland, races, countries, and people who are found in the sports arena in order to identify the best of the best.

History appearance flag

For the first time, the idea of ​​decorating the white background of five multicolored rings announced the head and father-founder of the current Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Cubebert. It happened in 1913. At the same time, in the Paris Atelier BON MARCHE, experienced French experts sewed a 1st sample of the upcoming Olympic flag.

For the first time, this banner of the world was posted for a general review in 1914. The demonstration took place in the Sorbonne Hall on the holidays dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the current Olympic Movement. This sample flag is now considered the standard and official model for all its further versions.

It was assumed that athletes and fans will see this flag at the 1916 Olympics for the first time. To grieve, at that time sports were canceled – the 1st World War was in Europe. It is for this reason that for the first time the white flag, beautifully decorated with five twisted rings, was demonstrated only in Belgian Antwerp in 1920.

Since then, this laconic flag on its design is the necessary attribute of each Olympics. Competition emblem, consisting of 5 rings, is used in the formation of logos and other symbols associated with games.

Olympic flag on the opening and closing ceremonies

Festive opening ceremonies and closure of sporting events are held in hard compliance with the regulations enshrined in the IOC Protocol. The content and details of each scenario, schedule, or program prepared for these ceremonies are provided in advance to the International Olympic Committee for further adoption.

To the study of bright shows every time the best experts from all over the world are attracted:

  • Organizers of mass shows,
  • Scripts,
  • Creators of special effects,
  • DJs,
  • Dancers and T. D.

Many popular artists, singers, and other important persons with a huge joy accept assistance in this large-scale spectacle. The plan of each ceremony holds in the strictest mystery until the opening and closing of the Olympiad.

As a rule, for the 1st and last day, the competition prefers central stadiums with a huge capacity – those sports facilities, in the place of athletics tournaments. When familiarizing with the scenarios of the ceremonies, the MOC is thoroughly observed for this so that during the submissions they did not reveal the infringement of the rights of various groups of people, restriction in the rights, and propaganda of nationalism.

The opening ceremony starts with the emergence of the Olympiad and President IOC in the stadium. Then there is a parade of Olympic delegations, which by tradition represents the team Greece – Games Generic. After that, the president of the organizing committee of the competition and the head of the IOC are spent before the athletes and many spectators of the audience. The head of the country announces the Olympiad Open. The stadium includes athletes carrying the Olympic flag.

After the end of the obligatory official part, an instrument volley is given, after which guests of the ceremony are watching bright fireworks. Rises Flag of Greece, At the same time, its state anthem is executed. According to the schedule, the latter raise the Olympic flag. This procedure accompanies the execution of the official Olympic anthem.

One of the athletes of the organizing country, who finishes the long battle of the Olympic Fire, runs on the ceremony with the Olympic torch. The athlete is pushing it along the stadium path and then lights a fire in a special bowl. Need to the arena fly pigeons. Athletes and judges pronounce solemn oaths. The execution of the anthem of the organizing country ends the official part of the program.

The closing ceremony is performed at the stadium upon completion of the planned competitions. Before the construction of the ban names, who keeps national Flags Participating countries, passes the total column of athletes. The public see the charter of the commemorative flag from President IOC to the mayor of the city-organizer of the next Olympiad.

The head of the organizing committee of the completed competitions and the head of the IOC protrude with speeches and proclaim the games closed. Olympic Fire Garnet. Under the Olympic Anthem flag with five rings lowered and solemnly carry from the stadium. The gun firework sounds, after which the athletes leave the stadium.

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