Flag Anime: colors and meaning

The flag of Anime, at first glance, sounds implausible, but it exists. And this is a logical explanation because the number of admirers of Japanese cartoons around the world only increases. Nothing so unites people like official symbolism.

Flag of Anime: photo

The flag of Anime has its own fascinating history that began quite recently. In 2019, the issue of official symbols of Anime lovers was actively discussed on the Reddit website. This topic has collected thousands of non-indifference readers, and it is not surprising, because the admirers of Japanese animation worldwide are a huge amount. Then in the process of stormy and emotional discussions, it was decided that the flag of Anime must necessarily be, and it should symbolize the love of people to the characters’ anime.

Flag of animeshnikov

What flags in Anime

The official flag of Anime still appeared, but in contrast to other symbols, it has one important difference. For a long time, the animators thought – how to demonstrate their love precisely to 2d, and not 3D. The fact is that Japanese animation is one of the few directions, where 2D prevails over 3D technologies even in the 21st century. Of course, there are now many more animated TV shows, where the usual drawing with the hand is supplemented with computer graphics. There are even whole franchises that are created in 3D. But not all admirers of anime take such a product. On the Internet, the network has a huge number of outraged reviews that 3D technology only spoils the unique style of anime. Each announcement of the new series filmed in the manga (Japanese comics) or Ranobe (Japanese literary genre, predominantly fantasy), is perceived by fans with caution. And after watching the premiere, the exclamations are healed that the computer technologies spoiled anime.

It is not surprising that connoisseurs of Japanese animation wanted to demonstrate their love for 2D. For this, the animators began to portray on their flag of favorite characters. As a result, the official symbol was modified, acquired unexpected design options. But this wave quickly ended.

The second wave of activity around the flag of Animeshnikov began in 2020. In all popular social networks – VK, Tick-current, Twitter – flags with added favorite characters appeared again.

Interesting fact! On the wave of interest in the flag of anime on the Internet, information about the new orientation is Animeseksual, which means that a person is in love with one of the anime characters. Moreover, Anumex people can be absolutely indifferent to living people and testing a storm of emotions to cartoon characters.

What does the flag of Anime look like

It is noteworthy that neither the author nor the Meaning of each color of the flag of Anime is known. The flag of lovers of Japanese cartoon art looks like: a rectangular canvas, divided by five horizontal isometric strips. Location of bands from top to bottom: turquoise, gray, blue, pink, yellow.

In addition, the Anime has arms. It looks like this – on a white background in the center of the canvas, a red circle is depicted, and the letter “A” in the style of Japanese hieroglyphs is written inside it.

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