Antarctica flag

The development of the flag of Antarctica, on a personal initiative, was carried out by vexiollogists (people studying the history of the origin of the flags – a subsection of science). The development was so successful that they completely decided to renounce authorship – there is no author or copyright holder’s rights to develop them.

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Flag history

Antarctica is the mainland, located in the south of the planet Earth. In fact, Antarctica is not a government and never had the status of a free power, currency, language of communication, but in 2002, the Association of the Antarctic Agreement, the mainland was assigned an unofficial flag.

The base of the flag was based on the main distinguishing feature of Antarctica – neutrality and general belonging to any country. Legislatively, based on the UN response, Antarctica cannot be recognized as part of anyone’s state area. The flag is made in the likeness of the flag of the ONN organization, – has a similar symbolism.

The main symbolism of the flag is neutrality, in relation to states to Antarctica and in relation to Antarctica to the second countries.

For the first time over the continent, the flag was raised by the editor of the popular publication “The Ravan” – Ted Kaye in 2002. At the same time, the scientific bases, which are located on the continent, in a symbol of solidarity, also raised the flag.

Flag Description

The flag looks like a white outline of a continent against the background of an equal sign – blue. Formal and legislative approved line, proportions or description does not exist, due to its unofficiality.

What do the colors of the flag mean?

  • White – Indicate the outline of the continent. No correct value. Maybe the creator of the flag wanted to convey the cold of the continent, lead to an association with white snow, which is once a year in Antarctica (the temperature on the continent does not rise above 0 on the temperature indicators).
  • Blue – a sign of neutrality, mutual respect and equality. This color is associated with the sky, which is one for all, regardless of racial, religious, ethnic, linguistic or 2nd affiliation.

Other versions of the flag of Antarctica

flag of antarctica-2

Antarctic Agreement flag

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Antarctica Flag – Drawing by Whitney Smith

Non-specialized information about Antarctica

Official language not
Capital the informal capital is McMurdo station
Territory 14,107,000 km2
Population 1000-4000 people (employees of polar stations)
Currency not
Telephone code +672