Flag of Mauritius: colors and meaning

Mauritius – Island Government located in the Indian Ocean. At the moment, Mauritius is considered an example of luxury on the sequence with the Maldives and Seychelles Islands – Clean sandy beaches, blue water Lagoon, and the freshest fruits once a year challenges crowds of tourists.

Official languages ​​Three: English, French, Mauritius, Creole.

So the modern flag of Mauritius looks like this:

Flag of Mauritius-1

History flag Mauritius

From 1638 to 1710, the republic walked under the Dutch banner – a three-color Red-white-blue with a monogram of the East India Company.

Flag of Mauritius-2

During the 1710-1800s, at the time, at the time, when Mauritius was in the French domination and wore the name Il de France, there was a flag of the Bourbon family. White cloth decorated a huge amount of gold lilies, in the center – blue shield, among which three lilies are larger, on the sides – two angels. The flag is decorated with the orders of the Holy Spirit and St. Misha.

Flag of Mauritius-3

At the end of the magnitude of the French Revolution, the republic was under the banner of France.

At first, the nine-step century will continue to 1967, Mauritius belonged to the English colony.

From 1810 to 1869. Republic Walking under the flag of Union Jack.

From 1869 to 1906. On dark blue Cloth of England In the right corner, there was a white circle with the official emblem of Mauritius, operating at that time.

Flag of Mauritius-4

From 1906 to 1923. Suffered a change in the emblem, based on this on the Britain flag already corrected option.

Flag of Mauritius-5

At the end of 1923, the emblem was renewed again, and until 1967, the last option was used before the adoption of his flag.

Flag of Mauritius-6

In the 2nd half of the 60s of the twentieth century, the heraldic chamber England Flag of Mauritius based on the municipal coat of arms was created. It was raised at the initial time on March 12, 1968, at the time, at the time, at the time when the United Kingdom said Mauritius free.

The developer of the cloth, Gurudet Moocher by profession, was the primary class’s teacher.

The banner is different, as in many African countries, the riot of paints and colors. The uncomplicated composition seemed only in the 20th century, and earlier the country was imaginary only colonial flags.

For at least about 8 options of the flag used for at least the moment of its own existence of Mauritius.

Description of the flag Mauritius

Four barometric horizontal stripes without additional images.

Colors flag Mauritius

From top to bottom – red, blue, yellow, green.

Meaning colors flag Mauritius

  1. Red – spilled blood in the struggle for independence and freedom;
  2. Blue – Indian Ocean, lagoon;
  3. Yellow – interpreted as “golden ray of freedom”;
  4. Green – vegetation, agriculture of the Republic of Mauritius.

Other flags

Anything, not counting the state consuming, not counting this, other cloth options are:

  • Queen Standard (1968-1991)

Flag of Mauritius-7

  • Commercial. On a red background, the official flag of the republic is depicted, on the right – coat of arms in a white circle;

Flag of Mauritius-8

  • Government. Like a commercial one replacement – instead of red-blue;

Flag of Mauritius-9

  • Military – marine. In the center of the web depicted anchor and key, wrapped with green rope. This drawing faces the essence of the coat of arms of the country, “Star and the Key of the Indian Ocean”. In this embodiment, the blue and red stripes are narrow and interpreted in their way. Blue Color – Ocean, Red – Energy and Life, Green – Nature.

Flag of Mauritius-10

Non-specialized information about Mauritius

Official language English, the main language of communication – French, Mauritius Creole.
Capital Port Louis
Territory 2 040 km2
Population 1 295 789 people
Currency Mauritian rupee
Telephone code +230
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