Flag of Uganda: meaning and colors

Republic of Uganda – East African government, the area of ​​which forms 236 thousand. sq. km., And the population is 44.8 million. human.

So the modern flag of Uganda looks:

Flag of Uganda-1

History flag of Uganda

On the ground of modern Uganda was the kingdom of Buganda, whose rulers during the 18th to the 20th century were played a huge role in the center African mainland. The banner of the kingdom was a cloth of blue-white vertical stripes with a coat of arms of a shield and a lion in the center.

Uganda-2 flag

Not counting the kingdom of Buganda at the moment there are four more kingdoms on the territory of Uganda. They are all with the rights to cultural autonomy. Each of them not counting this as a personal flag.

By the end of the 19th century, the territory has moved under the UK Protector. At the moment, the title fell across the soil of Aya and the former 1-name letter turned into Uganda. The symbolism of the terrain during the British government was a cloth with an official sign of the Empire.

Flag of Uganda-3

  • Flag of Uganda 1894 – 1914:

Flag of Uganda-4

  • As for other colonial British possessions in 1914, a new symbolism was created for Uganda Protectorate.

Uganda-5 flag

  • The ideal of the Governor of British.

Flag of Uganda-6

These symbols talking about Uganda belonging to 1962, at the time, at the time, at the time, while the country was granted independence.

In March 1962, Uganda was granted self-government. within March to October, at the time, when independence was taken, the state symbol of the country was another species.

Uganda-7 flag

In October 1962, the state flag of Uganda was adopted.


The national symbol of the country has 6 equal horizontal stripes, twice depicted in the following sequence: black, yellow, red. In the center of the flag on a white disc is the national symbol – a crowned crane, which sweeps towards the side of the flagstaff. In addition to the above-mentioned color palette, gray color is used for its image.

The cloth has a rectangular shape with the aspect ratio of as 2 to 3.

Colors flag Uganda

The flag of the Republic has 5 colors:

  1. Black
  2. Yellow;
  3. Red;
  4. White;
  5. Gray.

Meaning colors flag of Uganda

Three colors of the country used on symbols are appropriate for Africa and symbolize:

  1. Black inhabitants;
  2. Yellow – Sun Africa;
  3. Red – blood combining people and African fraternity.

Balearica regulorum (Eastern Venedous Crane), depicted in a white circle there is a state sign Uganda. The raised bird leg is evidenced by the country’s transfer forward.

Other flags

Pretty young, according to the historical standards, the republic, not counting the state sign, has other symbols. Their distinctive features are that the bottom of the head sign is presented – black and yellow-red stripes, and already in its upper part of it, the attitudes of a certain state structure. For clarity, examples of flags are presented:

  • Presidential;

Flag of Uganda-8

  • Self-defense forces of the People’s Republic;

Flag of Uganda-9

  • Air Force of the Republic of Uganda

Flag of Uganda-10

Non-specialized information about Uganda

Official language English and Swahili
Capital Kampala
Territory 236 040 km2
Population 44 758 809 people
Currency Ugandan shilling
Telephone code +256
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