Flag of Suriname: meaning and colors

The Republic of Suriname – Government located in South America. For a long time, the colony was and took independence, and a personal sign only in 1975.

So the modern flag of Suriname looks:

Flag of Suriname-1

History of the flag

From 1667 to 1954 was used Flag of the Netherlands, According to the event that Suriname was their colony.

Suriname-2 flag

Later appeared a sign of free Suriname, white cloth with five stars of various colors (black, white, red, yellow, and coffee), connected by the oval.

Suriname-3 flag

Netherlands Guiana – Informal Name of the Colony.

The governor, not counting this, used her personal staging, he was similar to the flag of autonomy, but it had from below Netherlands flags, stretched over the entire length of the panel.

Suriname-4 flag

The modern flag was officially adopted on November 25, 1975, at the end of the independence of independence.


It is a rectangular shape with five horizontal stripes of various sizes, a five-pointed star on the central strip, and an aspect ratio of 2:3.

Colors flag of Suriname

Green, red, white, and gold.

Meaning colors and flag sign

  1. Green – the treasure and fertility of the land.
  2. Red – prosperity, development, and progress.
  3. White – Freedom and Justice reigning in the country.
  4. Golden five-pointed star – a remarkable future, to achieve which can only be united.

Other flags

From 1975 to 1988 Premier Suriname used a tight-colored cloth with a white rectangle, on which – the coat of arms of Suriname. On it, two residents of the country hold the shield, divided into two halves – the left – past, right – genuine. Apart from this on the coat of arms, the inscription “Justina, Pietàs, Fides”, which is translated from Latin “Justice, righteousness, loyalty”.

Flag Suriname-5

  • Presidential Standard – green with a white rectangle, in the center – the coat of arms of the country, on two sides of it – Red Squares.

Suriname-6 flag

  • Army banner – three horizontal stripes, the latter – blue, central – red, in her middle – Golden Star.

Suriname-7 flag

Interesting facts about the flag

Colors and green – red political parties, Suriname, which existed during independence.

Locals support the philosophy that their state symbol indicates, and very much love it.

Non-specialized information about Suriname

Official language Dutch
Territory 163 821 km2
Capital Paramaribo
Population 575 990 people
Currency Suriname Dollar (SRD, 968)
Telephone code +597
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