Flag of Paraguay: colors and meaning

Paraguay – South America, having borders with Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. The territory is formed by 406.8 thousand square. KM., A population of more than 7 million. Human.

So the modern Paraguay flag looks:

Paraguay-1 flag

History of the flag

In the sixteenth century, Paraguay became a colony of Spain and gained independence three centuries later – in 1811. Its municipal sign was adopted in the first half of the 40s of the nineteenth century, the design of which is similar to the Dutch one, symbolizing independence and freedom. Its non-specialized appearance, proportions, emblems used on the cloth have changed over time, but the base has been preserved now.

Paraguay-2 flag

From the moment of independence and before making the final version of the symbolism, there were a pair of types of temporary signs:

  • 1st and 2nd, 1811;

Paraguay-3 flag Paraguay-4 flag

  • 3rd 1811-1812.;

Paraguay-5 flag

  • 1812-1826.;

Paraguay-6 flag

  • 1826-1842.

Paraguay-7 flag

The reverse side of the mark of the sign of the nineteenth century received in the first half of the 40s of the nineteenth century differed from the facial.

Paraguay-8 flag

  • After 100 with overnight years – in the first half of the 50s of the XX century, the proportions of the panels were changed from the ratio of 2 to 3 to 1 to 2.

Paraguay-9 flag

  • The reverse side of the sign of Paraguay, adopted in the first half of the 40s of the nineteenth century, was different from the front.

Paraguay-10 flag

  • Another change in the proportions came out in the 2nd half of the 80s of the twentieth century. In this case, the correlation of the parties began to be 3 to 5 (obverse, reverse).

Paraguay-11 flag Paraguay-12 flag

In 2013, the municipal sign got a modern form: the proportions became equal to 11 to 20, and the emblem was changed on the turnover. Not counting this, the couple is simplified by the drawing of the coat of arms.

Paraguay-13 flag


Paraguay flag folds from 3 uniform horizontal strips, which are alternate in the following sequence: red, white, blue.

In the center of the panel on the white strip, emblems are depicted:

  • Coat of arms of the country on the front side;

Paraguay-14 flag

  • Treasury printing on the revolving side.

Paraguay-15 flag

The coat of arms of Paraguay, presented in the foreground, contains a five-pointed star of yellow. A star on the left side by semicircle envelopes the olive branch and in the same way on the right side palm branch. These images wrapped the Red Ribbon, on which the inscription in Spanish is made – Republic Del Paraguay (Paraguay Republic).

The treasury seal shows a lion protecting the red Frisian cap (headdress). Above lion, there is an inscription of the State Maiden: Paz Y Justicia (World and Justice).

Colors of the flag of Paraguay

The main colors of the sign of Paraguay are:

  1. Red,
  2. White,
  3. Blue.

In addition to them are used and green, black, yellow for the image of the coat of arms.

Meaning colors of the flag of Paraguay

Like many states, the national symbols of which were taken in the middle of the 19th century, and the Paraguayan flag of color have a similarity with the French tricolor, which is evidenced by independence and freedom. Separately does not matter which of them symbolizes:

  1. Courage, equality, and patriotism – red strip;
  2. Unity, peace, and purity – white;
  3. Freedom, goodwill – Blue strip.

Olive and palm branches depicted on the coat of arms accordingly mean peace and honor. Posted on the back of the cloth seal – symbol of freedom.

Other flags

The presidential standard has a dark blue background with the coat of arms in the center and 4 yellow five-pointed stars in the corners.

The naval jack of the country is a white background with diagonals of blue and red colors and a five-pointed star at a cross point.

Paraguay-16 flagParaguay-17 flag

The facial and reverse states of the state sign Paraguay differ from each other. Since 1990. The front side is represented by the coat of arms and the reverse treasury seal.

Non-specialized Paraguay Information

Official language Spanish and Guaraní
Capital Asunción
Territory 406 752 km2
Population 7 252 672 people
Currency Paraguayan Guaraní (PYG, code 600)
Telephone code +595
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