Flag of Argentina: meaning and colors

On the flag of Argentina – depicted a star in the form of “Yellow May Sun” (. Sol de Mayo), which personifies the Incan Sun God and is named so in honor of the May Revolution. According to one of the versions of blue color, white and sun symbolize the sky, clouds, and sun. According to another version, the blue color symbolizes the La Plata River (Río de La Plata – literally “Silver River”), but white – silver (the name “Argentina” happened from the Latin Silver Name, Lat. Argentum). There is still a position that the flag color is based on the classic colors of the Burbon surname. In addition, the only option is that blue and white – the colors of the devices of the Virgin Mary.

So today the flag of Argentina looks: photo

Flag Argentina-1

History flag of Argentina

The very first version of the flag, which is very close to the modern version, listed the proposal of Manuel Belgrano – Municipal Kverret of Argentina, prominent politician, diplomat, and military. This event happened in 1812.

The final appearance, with some additions, the municipal flag was approved in 1818. It is called “Ceremonial Flag”.

The source version did not have any parts of the composition – there was no image of the yellow, the Pierre Argentine Sun on a snow-white background. “My Sun”, as the inhabitants of Argentina were named, was a sign of wealth and independence of Argentina, and personified the Old Most High Sun Incas – Int. Now it is called “Solemn Flag”.

Argentina-2 flag

Because of the legislative collision, a couple of Argentina flag deals were used in everyday life – dilapidated and new versions instantly. Since July 1985, a single version of the flag was adopted by law, which was removed on the dualism of the introduction of a municipal sign.

The official version of the flag in every second should rise above the festive. In all other respects, both variants of the State Flag are full of full.

Description of the flag

PARTURE OF POLET 9:14. Flag crush three equal, horizontal stripes, without lines and edging of the transition. In the center, on the main lane, is the “Sun Maya”. The color of the upper and lower band is duplicated. The sun has bird rays, with rounded edges – a sign of frequent warm weather in the country, with its right “burning” character of the Sun.

Colors and meaning flag Argentina

  1. White – There are a couple of drawing guesses: in one version – the color of clouds, which are on the background of the blue sky; In the second – this color symbolizes silver nobility – the deposits of this precious metal are quite a lot in the depths of the country. Silver is still associated with spiritual purity, wonderful health, and religiosity.
  2. Blue – Sign of the local river Famous fee. Designation of blue sky. On the sequence with the Sun, the flag has a complete composition of the Argentinean nature – rare clouds and a remarkable (heartless to enemies) Sun.
  3. Yellow – Sunny color of nobility, independence, non-specialized success, and fertility of the country.

Other banners

  • Flag Belgrano (1812)

Argentina-3 flag Argentina-4 flag

  • Macha Flag (1816)

Flag of Argentina-5

  • Flag used in 1818

Flag of Argentina-6

  • Flag used in the Federal League (1830)

Argentina-7 flag

  • Flag used in 1835

Flag of Argentina-8

  • Flag of the Argentine Confederation (1850)

Non-specialized information about Argentina

Official language Spanish
Capital Buenos Aires
Territory 2 780 400 km2
Population 45 195 777 people
Currency Argentine Peso
Telephone code +54
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