Flag of Chile: meaning and colors

The flag of Chile is the official symbol of the South American nation, which was legalized in the fall of 1817. The function represents the country at the international level. In the history of the country, there were not so many options for the country’s banners, but each of them has its own characteristics. Each of them is described in certain documents. They were used by the peoples who inhabited this territorial space. From the previous banners, some elements were taken, which still serve as part of the attributes.

Flag of chile photo

Flag of Chile: photo

The state banner includes a 5-finite star, symbolizing the success of the state. The flag has more than two hundred years, so his story is rich, saturated, and interesting.

The distinguishing feature of the country is the similarity of the banner with the presidential symbol. Diffuses only the presence of a coat of arms, which has the form of a two-color shield of red and blue. It has a star and emblem in the form of feathers, similar to those used for helmets. On two sides are animals – South Hell Deer and Eagle Condor. On their heads are the yellow crowns that are the symbolism of valor. Eagle and deer stand on an ornamental pattern.

The blue color is a reflection of the endless sky, white – the majestic mountains on which the snow constantly lies. The red stripe symbolizes the blood spilled by the people in the battle for independence.

Alternative flags Chile

All options presented during history have a similar symbolism. The blue color symbolizes the quiet ocean and the purity of the cloudless sky, white – personifies the chain of the Andes. The red strip resembles blood spilled in battles.

Chile flag

The white star indicates state unity. The design of the design was engaged to military minister José Centino, who was the commander-in-chief fleet. Difference from Texas Banner – Blue Stream extends until the foundation. Attributes also have a similarity with symbols of Liberia and Cuba, which often causes confusion.

There are not many options in history that led to the creation of a modern symbol. Each of them has its own characteristics of origin and a certain meaning. The first edge was used during the war Arauko – his description is in the work of Araucan.

Next option – creating a banner of an old homeland. It suffered a few adjustments. After the changes made, the current attribute that all residents of the country are formed.

What does the Chile flag look like

The Chilean flag has been changed throughout history. The first banner appeared in 1812. The modern version was certain differences:

  • 1812-1814 – The symbolism had three standard colors;
  • 1814-1817 – The coat of arms appeared on the blue line in the center, in the left corner of the emblem from above;
  • From May 1817 to October 1817 – the tricolor blue-white-red color, a 5-end star appeared a little later in the center of the banner.

The final version that has been preserved until today, has a form of two strips. Left at the top Placed a small square with a white 5-end star.

what does chile flag look like

The coat of arms appeared only 22 years after the adoption of the law on the banner. This emblem to date is unchanged. It is a symbol of independence and freedom of the country.

What does Chile flag meaning

The first flag was raised in 1812 when a holiday was held in honor of US Independence Day. The option of the attributes had horizontal stripes – tricolor. In 1817 approved the so-called transitional banner. Next, the yellow color was replaced with red, and the white and blue stripes changed places. In the center of the panels, there was a white star.

Each resident of the country had to respect the country’s attributes. What was spelled out in the adopted constitution? Insulting the banner was equal to a criminal offense. The state symbolism was watered with all private and state buildings on the days of state celebrations, which were legalized at the state level. If this rule fails to comply with this rule, a fine was imposed.

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