Flag of Panama: colors and meaning

Municipal Panama Flag is proud of its civilization.

So the modern Panama flag looks:

Panama-1 flag

Panama Flag Day is celebrated on November 4, immediately after the end of Independence Day.

History of the flag

The project of the first banner of Panama was created in the first half of the 20th century and years. He was a rectangle on which 7 borders and 6 yellowish horizontal monotone width bands were stated. The left top quarter occupied the blue rectangle with the image of the 2 gold suns with the rays diverging on various sides. Luminate denoted two oceans. Connecting their strip personified the Panama Canal.

Panama-2 flag

But the project was rejected by Manuel Guerrero, the municipal winner. Later, the members of the Guerrero family made a new project, which was approved as the municipal sign of the country. It came out in 1903. A year later, the Constituent Assembly temporarily approved. The flag of Panama was adopted in 1925.

At first, until the mid-60s of the 20th century, the territory of the Panama Canal was under the Flag of the USA. Only in the first half of the 60s of the 20th century, the victims have achieved the right to post their own banner next to South American. In the 2nd half of the 70s of the twentieth century, an agreement was concluded with the USA, according to which the main part of the area was returned to Panama. The territory itself, as a separate unit, is eliminated. The role of the United States in the Office ended only by 2000.


The state symbol of Panama was discussed in the 1949 law.

It looks like this:

  • Rectangular canvas, divided by horizontal and vertical lines on 4 equal rectangles.
  • The upper left side adjacent to the shaft has an image of a blue five-pointed star on a white field, in the center.
  • The lower left side, adjacent to the shaft, is blue.
  • Top right part, close to free edge, red.
  • Lower right side – white. In her center, there is an image of a red five-pointed star.
  • Stars – in a vertical position.
  • The ratio of width to length, 2:3.

Panama flag refers to the so-called “ergonomic flags”. This economic and legal term suggests that the country’s government provides the incidental courts to go under the banner of their country. Panama has an outdoor open register of ships in the world. Owners of trade, fishing, and other vessels, having registered in the registry, have certain advantages. And the Government of Panama receives large amounts to the budget.

Colors of the flag of Panama

Three colors:

  1. Blue;
  2. Red;
  3. White.

Meaning colors of the flag of Panama

  1. At the time of creation and adoption of blue and red colors correspond to the two most influential – conservatives and parties. Placement of colors in a chess order reflected alternation of parties in power. The sign of the world between them is white.
  2. Later it seemed a new interpretation. Blue began to further denote the water of the devil and the Atlantic oceans, washing the country’s coast. And red-blood, the bravest fighting for independence.
  3. The blue star denotes honesty and purity, and the Red – the power and primacy of the law. According to the 2nd version, the stars mean a large town of Colon and Panama, which are located at the entrance to the Panama Canal.

Non-specialized information about Panama

Official language Spanish
Capital Panama
Territory 78 200 km2
Population 4 252 62 people
Currency Balboa (PAB, code 590); US dollar (USD, code 840)
Telephone code +507
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