Flag of the Isle of Man

Flag of Man is considered one of the most dilapidated in the world, and its appearance can very, very much hit the modern person.

So it looks, the modern flag of the Isle of Man:

Flag of Men-1 Island

History flag of the Isle of Man

Made in the XII century as king Magnus III, he no longer changed – not counting the version where the British flag was added to the Man flag for the designation of citizenship.

Flag of Men-2 Island

External appearance and meaning

The flag of Man Island consists of only 2 parts:

  • Monophonic red background;
  • Triskelion – a symbol in the form of three running legs starting from one point.

The red color on the heraldic language testifies to the heroism, limit courage, blood, broken in battles at first for the king, after completing what population Ukraine Man – in a coupe with a tricky, a clear message is coming out that under it are brave and persistent people, ready-made both to the external and internal threat.

Not paying attention to its unusualness, the trickselion testifies stability and irregularity – directly on the basis of this, this Old heraldic symbol began to mirth to the peninsula.

Non-specialized information about the Man Peninsula

Official language English, Manesk
Capital Douglas
Territory 572 km2
Population 83 314 people
Currency Pound Sterling (GBP)
Telephone code +44
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