Flag of the Luhansk Region: what does each color mean

Flag of LNR visually similar to the flag of the Russian Federation. Approved in 2014 together with the adoption of the Constitution. It is necessary to take into account that in a number of LDP countries is considered an unrecognized republic, publishing an image of the corresponding symbolism is also illegal (for example, in Ukraine).

Flag of Luhansk: Photo

Flag of LNR

The flag of the Luhansk People’s Republic is a rectangular cloth with the same strips of blue, blue, and red colors. The length of the flag corresponds to 2 parts, width – 3rd. It is believed that visually the flag was created by the likeness of Prapor DPR (shape, the size of the bands – the same).

Prapor’s status as national approved November 2, 2014 (together with the recognition of the Constitution and Independence of the Republic). At the same time, his raising over the city administration was made (before this period it was preferably located on paramilitary parts). Although it is also considered that it was first made in April 2014 on the administration of Alchevsk, which is part of the Luhansk People’s Republic. Then the corresponding photos were published in local media. At that time, Ukraine no longer controlled the situation in these territories, and in the Russian Federation on the part of the LNR and DPR, documents were sent for consideration of the recognition of independence.

The actual proclamation of the republic took place in April 2014, as soon as the “transitional” power came in Ukraine. It was planned that national symbols will be prepared and adopted on 9 May (for use on the planned victory parade). But then officials could not come to an agreement on how the flag should look like. Initially, he was the same as the DPR (with a black stripe). But if in Donetsk black symbolizes coal, then the blue in LDP is taken as a basis due to the fact that natural gas is also prevailing in the region in the extractive industry.

Flag of the Lugansk People's Republic

Flag Day LNR

LDR Flag Day is celebrated on May 11 (since 2015). Although the mass celebration is not carried out as such. Cause – In the LDP until now, the list of public holidays has not been approved. Applies a list similar to that in the DNR. Also in the LDP celebrate the day of victory over fascism, as well as the day of adoption of the Constitution.

What do the colors of the flag of the LNR

Official interpretation – not provided. Conditional – as follows:

  1. The blue color is considered a symbol of Our Lady, that is, indicates the belonging of LNR residents to Orthodox Christianity.
  2. Blue is a constancy sign and perseverance, indicating the willingness to defend its freedom (the description is taken on the same principle as the Flag of the DPR).
  3. Red – Wola to victory. Sometimes they have still interpreted as “blood spilled for obtaining the independence of the LNR”.

Flag of Lugansk

There is also a different interpretation, more common among residents of DPR:

  1. Blue – a symbol of a peaceful sky;
  2. Blue – symbolizes the clergy, commitment to religion;
  3. Red symbolizes military readiness to protect the earth’s ancestors.

By the way, for some time this flag was used with the image in the center of Heraldry with a sunflower on a green background and a horse on red, down-mining a coal plant (pointing to the mining affiliation of the region). But as a national version of Porada did not use. Heraldry as the coat of arms was also not used during the announcement of the Declaration on the Independence of the Republic.

Also starting in 2015, often during the speeches of the head of the republic, a symbol with an image of an eagle holding in the paws 2 Kirk. Also, for almost 2 years, this image was used on the seal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in other controls. Valery Bolotov, temporarily acting by the head of the LPR, his appeal to care from the post also read on the background of this coat of arms.

A total, modern variation of the flag of the LNR is used since 2014. His image also appears in passports issued in the Republic. The inscription “Luhansk Republic”, which was on the initial versions of the banner, was not approved. In early 2020, the Council considered the possibility of adding the coat of arms to the flag, but most officials did not participate in the voting.

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