Flag of Russia: colors and meanings

The Russian flag was not always three-color. Once a year on August 22, the Day of the municipal flag is celebrated in the Russian Federation.

So the modern flag of the Russian Federation looks: photo

Russian flag-1

The most huge cloth was deployed on Elbrus in 2016. Its size was 25 x 38 m.

History flag Russian Federation

Friends of Oleg and Svyatoslav Princes focused on hiking under the red prince. Svyatoslav added a bouncer that later was replaced by the Orthodox Cross.

The study of historical archives showed that the Russian municipal color during the Mongol-Tatar yoga was black. So was the banner of the Moscow Principality. For another assumption, the banner was a crimp, t.To. Merilization correspondents distorted the word “cherry” (red), writing “black”.

At the end of the liberation from the Mongol-Tatars and the transition of power to the Great Prince, the print and the banner of the ruler becomes red.

On the signs of the 16th and 17th centuries, saints were depicted. There was a trapezoidal form with a beveled free edge.

The information about the “Everything Savior” tie with the face of Jesus Christ was preserved. Under this banner in the first half of the 50s of the XVI century, the troops of Ivan the Terrible on the assault of Kazan.

Russian flag-2

Related “Great Staging” of King Ivan Grozny. On the canvas in the shape of the azure trapeses depicts Horse Archangel Misha and the Lick of Christ. Kamika string and poppy flowers.

Russian flag-3

People’s militia of the Prince of Pozharsky in 1612 performed under the raspberry stamp. On one side there was an image of Christ, on the other – Archangel Misha.

Russian flag-4

Alexei Mikhailovich’s banner was depicted a lifeguard on a red background.

In the 2nd half of the 60s of the seventeenth century, the ruler Alexey Mikhailovich, Petra Father First, invited Polish painters to make the coat of arms. A cloth with slope was created, in the middle – a double-headed eagle decorated with crowns. In the center of Sokola, an equestrian ruler was placed, piercing a snake. The canvas was white with a red cut. The coat of arms is made in gold.

Peter the Great, following the example of the head of the father, did a personal one. On the shelter of the last form above the sea Paris Golden Eagle. In the center of Sokol – Lik Rescuer, and near the Apostles Peter and Paul.

Russian flag-5

1st in history Flag of the Russian Federation Tricolor was raised on the Military ship “Eagle” by decree of the father of Peter of the first Alexei Mikhailovich.

Previously, the municipal flag is not necessary for the courts, t.To. courts walked around Aqua to arteries in the country, and there was no need to designate national affiliation. With the construction of sea ships flags become suitable. “Eagle” was built in the 2nd half of the 60s of the seventeenth century and went in to swim in the oxygen. To him and the second courts marked by the Tricolor, was imputed to the obligation to protect trade vessels on the Volga and in the Caspian Sea. But the famous “Eagle” long existed. He was surfed by peasants who supported the rebellion of Stepan Razin.

Russian flag-6

At the end of the 17th century at the “Saint Peter”, the Military Yacht Peter the Great, a tricolor was raised with a golden double-headed falcon. At the moment, this versatile banner can be sump in the Central Naval Museum located in St. Petersburg.

Russian flag-7

By the decree of Peter the first since 1705, all trade vessels had to raise tricolor. Peter himself painted an example and indicated the order of the bands.

Until the 10th of the 18th century, a three-color banner reigned over the combat ships until the Andreevsky flag changed him. In the charter of 1720, Peter 1st outlined the naval banner, like a white canvas with the Blue Andreevsky Cross, who he illuminated Russia.

Russian flag-8

In the 2nd half of the 50s of the nineteenth century, the ruler Alexander II issued a decree on the application of black, yellowish, and white flowers on the signs of black, yellow, and white colors, which were at the municipal coat of arms. And since 1865, they became official municipal colors. These banners existed until 1883.

Russian flag-9

  • The new ruler Alexander III commanded only the Russian tricolor: white-blue-red.

Russian flag-10

The last Russian ruler Nicholas II issued a question about the flag for consideration plans to convened a consonant branch in the Ministry of Justice. The resolution said that the white-blue-red flag could rightly refer to the municipal. The official symbolism of colors was formulated in harmony. White meant independence and freedom, Blue personified the Mother of God, under whose defense is the Russian Federation, and the red symbolized the power. Apart from this, the colors designated the cohesion of the 3rd parts of the Russian Federation – White, Small, and Great.

Temporary government at the end of the February revolution for some time used tricolor.

The USSR rejected this flag only in 1918, at the time when Yakov Sverdlov made a proposal to recognize the combat red banner by the national sign of the New Russian Federation. Since the time of more than 70 years, there is a state-owned.

Russian flag-11

During the civil war, Tricolor used the white movement in counterweights of the Red Banner. Later he began to be used by emigrants.

In the years and the 90th half of the twentieth century, the Supreme Council of the RSFSR approved the Tricolor as a flag of the Russian Federation.

Russian flag-12

In the first half of the 90s and the years, the Regulations on the State Flag approved by the President of the Russian Federation secured the status.

In the first half of the 90s of the XX century, the Days of the State Flag was approved, which is celebrated on August 22.

The 2000 Law fastened the flag description.

Residents of Vladivostok made the most huge “live flag” with a length of 707 meters. They lined up on the bridge, holding the white, blue, and red flags in their hands. The result was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The event was published in 2013.

Location colors flag Russian Federation

Rectangle, horizontal on three equal stripes:

  1. Upper – white;
  2. Central – blue;
  3. Lower – Red.

The width ratio and the flag length of Russia: 2:3.

Russian flag-13

For the flag, there is a corresponding GOST R 51130-98, in which the right colors are spelled out and other technical requirements.

Colour of Russian flag

Three colors:

  1. White corresponds to White in the totality of Pantone;
  2. Blue 286c by Pantone;
  3. Red 485C Pantone.

Colors and meanings Russian flag

There is no official interpretation of colors, but informal interpretations indicate:

  1. White is a symbol of freedom, nobility, impaired, purity, and peace.
  2. Blue testifies loyalty, honesty, and chastity. This is the color of the Virgin – the spiritual patron of the Russian Federation.
  3. Red – courage, love, courage, dedication, nobility.

Other flags

The naval flag is a white rectangle with a blue diagonal cross. The widths and ratio of length 2:3.

Russian flag-14

Courts who are awarded the title of Guards have a flag depicting Georgievskaya tape. It is located horizontally at the bottom of the canvas, tied with a bow, the finishes are rapidly flying.

Russian flag-15

The Order of the Naval Flag is assigned to the courts awarded the Order. An image of this award is placed in the upper left corner of the canvas.

Russian flag-16

The banner of the army of the Russian Federation was established in 2000. Frequency red rectangle with the border as color decorated with ornament. In every corner – blue star. Kalaka and cloth are covered around the perimeter with golden braid. On the front part – the golden double-headed eagle. On the turn – army emblem. The size of the cloth is 130 x 170 cm.

Russian flag-17

Standard of the President of the Russian Federation. APPROVED B.N. Yeltsin in the first half of the 90s of the XX century. Tricolor measuring 2.5 x 2.5 m. In the center – coat of arms. The standard is used when joined the position and at the end of which is placed in the office for the work of the head of the Russian Federation. Duplicate rises above the residence of the head of the country.

Russian flag-18

In coordination with the law 2007, a copy of the Banner of Victory will be able to hang on flagpoles, masts, and houses on Victory Day on May 9 together with the state flag.

Similar flags of second countries

Three stripes on the flag in the same sequence as on the Russian, are not counting on the flags of Slovakia and Slovenia. But on their signs in the ranking (the upper left corner, the tremor) have images of the emblems of these countries.

Russian flag-19 Russian flag-20

Banner of Serbia not counting it is a tricolor. But the colors are in a different order.

Russian flag-21

Flag of Azania proclaimed country Somalia, Fully converges with the Russian tricolor. But the difference is contained in the shades and red. On the sign of Azania, they are not more.

Russian flag-22

Until 1918, a similar flag had Duchy Extreme, staying in Austria-Hungary.

Interesting facts about the flag

First, the law on the state flag militantly limited the circle of subjects, which had the opportunity to use it. Personal faces, for example, had the right to use it only when delivering military honors during the burial, not counting this in other true indicated cases. Violation of the Law pulled administrative responsibility.

In 2008, the law has undergone a change. It is still allowed to introduce in other cases, provided that, if it is not an abuse of the sign.

Flag desecration pulls criminal liability under Art.329 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. For such acts, a sentence is provided for 1 year in prison.

At the World Chess Championships, at the match, held in the first half of the 9th century in New York, the 2013 Harry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov met on the fifth game. Even before the first move, Kasparov installed opposite the flag of the USSR, under which Karpov played, the flag of the Russian Federation. At the end of the 2-played parties, the side of Anatoly Karpova came out with a protest. Even though two parties, the chess federation removed flags. Most of the commentators agreed on the world that this match was the tensest in the history of the championship titles, not only athletes fought, and two political aggregates fought.

On the grave of Boris Yeltsin, the first chapter of the Russian Federation, buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy Cemetery, installed stone tricolor. A white strip is carved from marble, blue is made from the Byzantine mosaic, and the Red – from Porphyra.

Sociological studies have shown that most of the Russians with respect and reverence belong to the national flag. Many know his story, almost everyone could completely describe him.

Non-specialized information about the Russian Federation

Official language Russian
Capital Moscow
Territory 17 125 191 km2
Population 146 748 590 people
Currency Ruble, (RUR, 1991-1998 RUR)
Telephone code +7
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