Flag of the Soviet Union: colors and meaning

USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) – Government, made on most of the area of ​​the former RF and existed 69 years (from 1922 to 1991.). The territory of the country at the time of its decay was 22.4 million.sq.km., With a population of about 300 million. humans.

So looked the last flag of the USSR:

Flag of the USSR-1

History flag USSR

The municipal sign of the USSR is one of those signs that actually did not overplay the fundamental configurations for at least a moment of its own existence. The last time his description was approved by the Constitution of the SSR Alliance in 1977 and the Regulations on the flag of 1980.

The history of the USSR begins on December 30, 1922, at the time, at the time, at the time, at a time when, at the end of the 2nd revolutions of 1917, civil war and loss of territories, on the remaining part RF, where the Russian power was established, the four republics were united in a new alliance. Among the founders of the Alliance SSR were:

Flag of the USSR-2

Flag of the USSR-3

Flag of the USSR-4

  • Transcaucasian SFSR.

Flag of the USSR-5

As part of 2 federal entities (RSFSR and ZSFSR) were other subjects, which at that time did not have the status of the founding country, but in the federal alliance had limited sovereign rights. For example, the Turkestan SSR has stayed in the RSFSR, which, at the end of 1924, broke up into various locals, which became subsequently free republics.

Flag of the USSR-6

The three republics included in ZSFSR:

Flag of the USSR-7

Flag of the USSR-8

Flag of the USSR-9

With that, the last two have also had separate subjects in their own composition – Nakhichevan and Abkhazia SSR, respectively.

In December 1922, as a project of the Flag of the newest country, it was decided to use a red cloth with a coat of arms in the center (foreseen in the draft Constitution of July 6, 1923.).

Flag of the USSR-10

But samples make the creation so that the option turned out to be difficult. November, in November, in order for the year, the arms of the 3rd session of the CEC was decided by the coat of arms, in the left corner, put a sickle sign with a hammer, on top of which a golden star. In April 1924, a detailed description of the municipal sign was given a detailed description of municipal sign of the USSR CEC.

Flag of the USSR-11

The initial species predicted the compartment of the roof with a sickle, a hammer, and a star, from the 2nd part of the panel, the golden strip, but after 10 days – on April 18, the final version was approved in which the golden of the root was removed.

Flag of the USSR-12

In the first half of the 20s of the twentieth century, national-territorial dispensing and gradually began to be replenished on the area of ​​Central Asia. The USSR began to be replenished with new republics (Turkmen, Uzbek, Tajik). By 1936 – the time of adoption of the newest constitution Their number was already equated with eleven (additionally Kyrgyz and Kazakh, and instead of the ZSFSR three Transcaucasian republics). In the investigation of military-political events, 1938-1940. 5 more were added, and the non-specialized number had reached sixteen:

For a small twenty-year period of existence of the USSR, the country’s flag remained past, and territorial configurations were reflected on the coat of arms. For example, in 16 republics, the emblem of the Alliance looked with a suitable number of bordered ribbons. This can not be said about the signs of the republics themselves, which changed several times. They would be using a reduction in Cyrillic, Latin, and the State Language.

Flag of the USSR-13 Flag of the USSR-14

USSR existed until the end of 1991. and collapsed on 15 separate free countries. Some former Russian republics, At the time of the decay of the country, combined into the Commonwealth of free states (CIS), but, the nature of this education and the goal did not have anything in common with what was.

Flag of the USSR-15


The State Flag of the USSR is a rectangular panel of red, in the upper corner of which (in the tree) depicts a golden sickle and hammer, and a five-pointed star, framed by the golden border. The proportions of the flag are consistent with themselves, as 1 to 2.

Colors flag USSR

The main color of the flag of the Alliance, SSR – red. For sickle presenting with a hammer and five-pointed star, yellow (golden) color applied.

Meaning colors flag USSR

The red flag is a symbol of socialism, communism, the left movement, and the revolutionary struggle. It symbolizes spilled blood in the struggle for the rights of the depressed under the capitalism of classes, for their exemption from the operation.

This color from the old days was used as a symbol of the uprising: “Red-known uprising” in Persia (XVIII century), peasant wars in Germany (XVI century), Paris commune and revolution in France (XVIII century).

The sickness symbol with a hammer is available by the personification of the union class and collective farm working peasantry. Although at least some of them were considered a class sign for a long time until 1917. Organizations of the proletariat of Western Europe, from the 2nd half of the XIX century, used the hammer in this capacity. Shortly before the revolution of 1905, the hammer, in the ranks of the Russian revolutionary movement, became the sign of the working class.

The sickle was considered the most massive generality of the labor tool – harvest and harvest sign.

The sickle image imposed on the hammer indicates that the hammer, as a heraldic sign, is preceded by a sickle and older than it. But the whole emblem is read in the order, in which visually looks: first called sickle, and later the hammer.

A five-pointed star with a yellow border on the USSR flag – symbolizes the final celebration of communism ideas at all 5 continents of the planet. In reality, he is familiar to the Comintern.

Other flags

Before the revolution of 1917, the standard of the head of the country was used, which began to practice from the period of the Board of Peter I. In a step of the history of the USSR, there was no separate sign of the head of the country – there was only a symbol of the country, a red banner with a sickle, hammer, and a star. Well, it made a certain way in its development. In the middle of them and revolutionary options, and the banners of the regiments, compounds, fronts of which the most famous is considered the Banner of Victory, waving in 1945 above the Reichstag.

Flag of the USSR-16

The standards of all fronts and fleets of the Russian War, once a year, were covered with disadvantaged glory on Red Square during the parade.

Flag of the USSR-17

Not paying attention to the absence of the flag of the head of the country, in 1964. The flag was created.

Flag of the USSR-18

The history of the country’s development left a personal trail. In today’s RF, Emblems and individual symbols of that period are used, adjusted to the present realities. For example, the official symbolism of the FSB of the Russian Federation is considered to be the shield and blade of the time of alliance of the SSR, the inventory flag is actually the same.

Flag of the USSR-19 Flag of the USSR-20 Flag of the USSR-21

Nor in particular, but the flag of the USSR army was not, without looking at the fact that his unofficial sign was nulling the banner with a red star (reverse).

Flag of the USSR-22

Flag of the USSR-23

During the war, the design was not pretty renewed.

Flag of the USSR-24

Flag of the USSR-25

Unlike the All-Russian Flag of the USSR, some kinds of armies had personal flags. For example:

  • Naval;

Flag of the USSR-26

  • Military-air;

Flag of the USSR-27

  • See parts of the border troops or vessels of explosives and many others.

Flag of the USSR-28 Flag of the USSR-29

Since September 1941. Guard’s emblems began to be applied.

Flag of the USSR-30

Flag of the USSR-31

A wealth of all Russian flags, ban names, pennants intended for each variety of military organization, state structure, and t.NS. so enormous that it is unrealistic to present separately in this subsection. For a detailed study of a certain question, it may be in the search collaborators of the Internet to familiarize themselves with the topic of interest. For example, list Russian flags Navy.

Similar flags

The flag of the red or sickle and hammer signs are used separately on many symbols in other countries. It:

  • Political organizations
  • Community China;

Flag of the USSR-32

Flag of the USSR-33

  • National Bolshevik Party of the Russian Federation;

Flag of the USSR-34

  • CPRF;

Flag of the USSR-35

  • Algerian KP and others.

Flag of the USSR-36

  • Countries and countries
  • Turkey;

Flag of the USSR-37

Flag of the USSR-38

Flag of the USSR-39

Flag of the USSR-40

Interesting facts about the flag

In July 1923. At the fair in Nizhny Novgorod, the flag of a newly formed country was used, but it was not an option for official government.

Flag of the USSR-41

In coordination with the new version of the Regulation on the USSR State Flag, adopted in 1980. On the back of the State Flag of the Alliance SSR, there were no images of a sickle, hammer, and stars.

Flag of the USSR-42

The aspect ratio of the flag (width to length), equal to 1 to 2, has a personal explanation: roughly not counting this correlated the length of the USSR locality – from the north to the south (width) and from the east to the West (length).

The flag of the USSR from the flagpole of the president’s residence was lowered on December 25, 1991. at 19:35. Case or not, but both the creation and the abolition of the USSR had to be in the last days of December.

Flag of the USSR-43

Non-specialized information about the USSR

Official language Russian (de facto) National languages ​​in relevant allied and free republics (de jure)
Capital Moscow
Territory 22 402 200 km2
Population 293 047 571 people
Currency ruble of the USSR
Telephone code +7
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