Flag Moldova: colors and meaning

The Republic of Moldova – the government located in the southeastern part of Europe.

So the modern flag of Moldova looks:

Flag of Moldova-1

History flag Moldova

On the area of ​​modern Moldova in the 14th and 9th centuries was the Moldovan Principality.

At the end of the decline of the Golden Horde, the princess initially fell dependent on Hungary, But in the 14th century, it became free. In those days, the Bull Head was the main sign for Moldan, and the red color prevailed over the rest of the colors. Maybe on this event, one of the first preserved images of the flag is red cloth with bullhead (tour).

Flag of Moldova-2

By the beginning of the 17th century, the period of the rule of the Lord of the Principality of Iberia’s grave, used the banner with a similar image of the head of the tour, which is placed in a white ring with a cross on top. The pool itself was edged with a lane of yellowish color.

Flag of Moldova-3

In the nineteenth century, the flag of the Moldovan Principality changed its main colors from red to blue. In other words, within 1834-1859. The sign had a view of a blue panel with 3 eight-pointed stars depicted in the form of a triangle on a red background in the upper left corner. On the flag on the right, the coat of arms of the principality was depicted, on which the bullhead was the central figure.

Flag of Moldova-4

In the 2nd half of the 50s of the nineteenth century, this flag option was modified: three stars are depicted in one sequence, and only the head of the bull remained instead of the coat of arms.

Flag of Moldova-5

Parallel to the existence of the Moldovan Principality, in Russian Federation, There was another education – Bessarabian province. The democratic republic made on its basis had a pair of flag options:

The 1st consisted of 2 colors (red and blue) and bullhead;

Flag of Moldova-6

2nd was a tricolor and was 2 types – with the inscription “Democratic and Free Moldavian Republic” and “Tilting of the Region”;

Flag of Moldova-7 Flag of Moldova-8

  • 3rd, not counting this, was a three-color on which the inscription “RM” was applied – the Republic of Moldova.

Flag of Moldova-9

At the end of entering Romania, The flag of the latter became official in the future to the Russian period of history.

With the formation of the USSR Moldova for the initial period, it was included in its composition on the rights of free education. Since 1925, Moldova took the personal official flag that existed until 1938.

Flag of Moldova-10

Options for the official symbolism of Moldova during 1938-1940 were similar to, the only difference that the inscriptions in Ukrainian and Latin were used in the first version.

Flag of Moldova-11

In the 2nd version, Latina was replaced by Moldavian.

Flag of Moldova-12

In the first half of the 20s of the XX century, at the end of the territorial configurations in the Russian Alliance, the Moldovan ASSR was abolished, part of its terrain is attached to the Odessa region, and the 2nd part of the coupled, with the attached lands, became the basis of the Moldavian SSR. A year later, the republic was a personal flag.

Flag of Moldova-13

In the first half of the 50s of the 20th century, it was replaced with the same type of sign, which specifically specifically specifically were from other republics of the USSR.

Flag of Moldova-14

In the 90th year of the past century, at the turn of the collapse of the USSR, the Moldovan Republic replaced the past flag on a tricolor with historical colors.

Flag of Moldova-15

In parallel, he was offered to use other layouts: with the coat of arms of the Moldavian SSR and bullish head, but not approved.

Flag of Moldova-16

Flag of Moldavia-17

The final version of the municipal flag was adopted in November 1990.


The flag of Moldova is a rectangular shape, the sides of which are adjusted between themselves as 1 to 2. The tricolor consists of uniform strips of the pictured vertically. The band, located closer to the tree – blue (blue) color, followed by a yellow band, and a turn-round from a tree – a strip of red.

In the center of the yellow part on a monotonous distance from all edges, the emblem of the Republic of Moldova is applied. It has a shape of a shield located on the eagle breast. In his beak holds the cross Golden Coloring. In the claws of the birds are world and signs of power: Golden Scepter and Green Olive Branch.

The shield of the coat of arms has upper and lower parts, which are represented by red and blue colors, respectively. The center of the shield of the Golden Color depicts the head of a bison between which the eight-beam star is drawn. On the part of the right nostrils, there is a five-meal rose and the left-addressed crescent. The width of the coat of arms and the length of the panels correlate as 1 to 5.

Colors flag Moldova

On the flag of Moldova, three main colors are used: blue, yellow, red. In addition to them for coloring, the coat of arms applied brown and green.

Meaning colors the flag of Moldova

The official sign of the Republic of Moldova has a heraldic meaning of the colors used:

  1. Blue is the color of the sky and the desire of the world
  2. Yellow – personifies the sun and wheat fields
  3. Red – symbolizes blood-shedding.

The eagle that the beak holds the cross testifies to the Christian faith and reminds of the Roman roots of the inhabitants. The olive branch denotes peace and justice, and the Scepter is the free status of the country.

Other flags

The 1st faces of the Moldova Country have standards, which differ only in the main background of the panels:

  1. Presidential – purple;

Flag of Moldova-18

  • Premiere – blue;

Flag of Moldova-19

  • Chairman of Parliament – Red.

Flag of Moldova 20

Apart from this, a couple of government organizations, not counting this, have personal flags approved by the answers of parliament or government. Among them:

  • Military establishment;

Flag of Moldova-21

  • Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations;

Flag of Moldova-22

  • Customs;

Flag of Moldova-23

  • Border work;

Flag of Moldova-24

  • security and information;

Flag of Moldova-25

  • The main municipal inspection on technical oversight of terrible production facilities.

Flag of Moldavia-26

For your information! Today’s territory of Moldova contains the free formation of Gagauzia with his sign and unrecognized government – Republic of Transnistria. The flag of the PMR is the same as the Moldavian SSR.

Flag of Moldova-27

Interesting facts about the flag

  • Until 2010, the facial and reverse parties did not have a mirror image. In other words, the coat of arms is depicted only on the front part. In 2010, the Law on the State Flag found out that the coat of arms is displayed both on the front and circulating part of the panel.

Flag of Moldova-28 Flag of Moldova-29

  1. The State Flag of Moldova has its historical base – the tricolor was adopted during the time at the time, at the time when a revolution was held in France (1848 g.). The imitation of the French sign was to testify that the people keep republican views. The difference of the 2nd cloth was in the fact that white on the flag of France is replaced with yellow.
  2. The flag of Moldova has coincidences with Romanian, who has a priority right to such a kind of sign. The difference is that the coat of arms is depicted in the Moldovan version, and not counting this ratio of the parties is preserved the same as Russian option – 1 to 2, whereas Romanian – 2 to 3, as in most countries. Coincidences are available, not counting this and with flags of Andorra and Chad. They differ again by the proportions of the parties, and with Andorra, besides the fact that the latest coat of arms of his country is used.

Non-specialized information about Moldova

Official language Moldavian, Romanian, Russian (the official language of interethnic communication)
Capital Kishinev
Territory 33,846 km2
Population 3 550 900 people
Currency Moldavian lei (MDL, code 498)
Telephone code +373
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