Flags of Romania: colors and meaning

One of the municipal signs of Romania has a flag.

So the modern flag of Romania looks:

Flag of Romania-1

Flag Day in Romania celebrates June 26. Holidays are created in the 2nd half of the 90s of the XX century.

History flag Romania

According to some research, the colors of the Romanian flag were used in Stefan the magnifier, managing Moldova from mid 15 to early 16th centuries.

It is quite clearly clear about the origin of 3-colors on the Misha Brave Banner, the ruling Valahia from 1593 to 1601. He managed to connect all Danube Principles under his banner for a short time.

New Mention of Banner Valahia refers to 1834. Prince Alexander Gick had a yellowish cloth. In the left high part, a blue eagle was depicted, holding a scepter and blade in the paws. Eagle was crowned with 3 white color stars.

Martial Courts Valahia in the 19th century walked under the signs in the form of rectangles with 3 horizontal stripes – red, yellow, blue. In the center – Eagle with a cross, and a star. In the corners, there was a beech “A”. The relic was kept in the museum of Army Romania.

Among the 19th century, army banners of Moldova. They looked like blue squares with a redhead in the center. Head is crowned crown. In every corner of the canvas – a red square with an eight-pointed star. On the back – Holy Zhora, piercing the snake.

In the first half of the 20s of the XIX century, the Valaash Uprising, headed by Tudor Vladimirsku, broke out. He soon became the ruler of Valahia. Blue-yellow-red tricolor appeared sign uprising.

The officially blue-yellow-red flag was approved by the provisional government in the 2nd half of the 40s of the nineteenth century, during the revolution in the Danube Principles. Two options of the flag were used – with horizontal and vertical stripes – blue, yellow, and red. In the center, there was an inscription: “Justice, Brotherhood”. Revolutionaries explained the choice of flowers to unite the blue flag of Valahii with gold seven grades and red Moldova.

Flag of Romania-2

  • In 1859-1866. The flag of combined Valahia and Moldova was in the form of a horizontal red-yellow-blue tricolor.

Flag of Romania-3

In 1866. The ruler Prussian Prince Karl changed the placement of the strips to vertical. This option has been fixed for many years. The coat of arms of the ruling family was stated on the yellow central strip.

On December 30, 1947, the monarchy was eliminated in Romania. The Socialist Republic of Romania appeared.

On the 1948 flag, existing from January to April, the coat of arms was an image of a tractor against the background of the rising sun. There was a wreath of ears. From above – reduction “RPR”.

Flag of Romania-4

In April 1948, the coat of arms changed. It seemed to the mountains and forest, as a result of which the sun was. On the left appeared an image of the oil tower. On the sides – the ears of wheat, wrapped in the lower part with ribbon with municipal colors. On the tape – the inscription “RPR” – the abbreviated name of the Republic. This option existed until September 1952.

Flag of Romania-5

  • Since September 1952. By August 1965. The coat of arms with a five-pointed red star in the highest part.

Flag of Romania-6

  • In 1965. The new name of the country appeared on the RPR reduction site.

Flag of Romania-7

  • In 1989. Revolution occurred. Demonstrators cut out from the tricolor coat of arms of the country.

Flag Romania-8

Since 1989., At the end of the fall of the Ceausescu regime, the coat of arms was canceled.

December 27, 1989, Romania State Flag again took the type of tricolor without a coat of arms.

This flag is valid at true time.


Rectangular cloth with a ratio of length and width 2:3.

The rectangle is broken vertically on three isometric stripes. Left, close to the antifreeze, blue, medium – yellow, and right, at the free edge – red.

Flag Romania-9

Colors flag Romania

Three colors:

  1. Blue corresponds to 280c for a totality of Pantone;
  2. Yellow corresponds to 116c for the totality of Pantone;
  3. Red 186c Pantone Collapse.

Meanings colors flag Romania

In the days of the royal rule, they were interpreted as follows: Blue meant happy, blessed heavens; Yellow – wealth; Red – courage and dedication of the people.

With socialist color, the color is explained in another case. Blue – peaceful sky above the state; Yellow – endless fields of ripe wheat; Red – the blood of the people sheds for freedom.

The colors of the current State Flag of Romania are interpreted: blue shows independence and freedom; Yellow – law; Red – Brotherhood.

Other flags

Flag of Navy Romania is available square, divided by three vertical stripes of state colors. In the center of the blue strip depicted two white crossed anchors.

Flag of Romania-10

The president’s standard is a square bounded with 3 free sides by the Golden Bach. Upper and lower right angles – Golden brushes. On a blue background – a square, mounted by a tricolor placed in a white frame.

Flag of Romania-11

Flag of Air Force Romania

Flag of Romania-12

Similar flags

The flag of Romania is similar to the banners of Andorra, Moldova banner, and Chad.

Announced Andorra and Moldova Available in the presence of state coat of arms on the central lane. Not counting this, proportion Moldavian banner 1: 2.

Flag of Romania-13 Flag of Romania-14

The flag of Chad is similar to Romanian but differs in a more dark blue stripe.

Flag of Romania-15

Interesting facts about the flag

In 2013, Romania is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. May 27 marked the year at the airport in Klinchi was deployed a curriculum state flag. The banner of Romania occupied an area of ​​80 thousand. square meters and the weight of the canvas was 5 thousand kilograms.

In 2003, the Pentagon confused national signs RF and Romania. The incident took place at the official dinner of the President of Romania and the Minister of Defense USA. A photograph with confused tricolors published a couple of editions. The US Defense Ministry was necessary to apologize.

Non-specialized information about Romania

Official language Romanian
Capital Bucharest
Territory 238 391 km2
Population 19 401 658 people
Currency Lei (RON)
Telephone code +40
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