Flag of the USA: how many stars, meaning and colors

The flag of the USA – a rectangular cloth with the aspect ratio of length and widths 10:19, on which 13 alternating bands are present: 7 red and 6 white.

USA (United States of America) is a state that is located in North America and has an area of ​​9.5 million.sq.km. and the population of 330 million. human. This is a highly developed country with the most sustained economies and the best-armed forces in the world. The United States has huge political, military, economic, and cultural activities on the scale of the entire planet, without looking at the fact that her story has to last 250 years.

So the modern US flag looks like since 1959: photo

USA Flag-1

History of America Flag (United States of America)

The history of the country begins from the mid-70s of the XVIII century. Now, on the terrain of modern America, Britain numbered thirteen colonies. As a flag of English America, the red cloth was used, in the upper left corner of which the cross was depicted (1700-1755.) or English Union Jack (1755-1775.).

USA Flag-2 Flag of USA-3

On July 4, 1776, these colonies declared their own independence and the country “USA”. As a sign of the country, a version of the Continental Flag – a maritime ban was repaired, which was raised on the ship “Alfred” on December 2, 1775.

USA Flag-4

The history of the origin of this type of flag may be relevant to the flag of the English East India Company, which used it on ships and own vessels. At various times, the number of bands on it was decreased, it was growing, and the initial one became white, then red. In 1775. On the fighting battle, there were thirteen stripes.

Flag USA-5

The second historical sign of the United States of 1775 was the blue flag (by the name of Christopher Gadsden’s policy), mounted by a cloth of yellowish color, on which the rattling snake was depicted in the ball for applying. Below the snake made the inscription “Do not go to me”.

USA Flag-6

  • Along with this, during the American revolution on warships, a banner depicting a lonely pine on a white background and the inscription “Appeal to Heaven”.

USA Flag-7

  • Another option from the probable signs was the view of the Betsy flag Ross with red and white stripes and thirteen stars in a circle.

USA Flag-8

And yet in June 1777, the Continental Congress was approved by the final version – thirteen white and red alternating horizontal bands of equal in themselves in the width and the same number of stars on the blue field according to the scheme: 3-2-3-2-3. The image of stars was presented as a new constellation, and the bands symbolized the United States.

Flag of USA-9

The design of the then flag of official Washington clarified followed: “Stars we took from heaven, a red color – the color of our country, the white stripes, which are crushed, mean that we separated from it. White stripes will enter the story as a sign of freedom.”.

In Europe, the South American flag for the initial times of prison in the Dutch port of TeXes, where it was moored for repair, occupied by the British frigate. The banner was drawn in memory of the captain of the vessel, and in this form, he remained in the history of the named flag of “Serapes” (the name of the frigate). The non-specialized species looked like, but the colors of the bands were different from the original.

Flag of USA-10

At the end of the first 13 states, in 1795, two more states were united with the US, Vermont, and Kentucky, and the country’s sign was changed both by the number of stars and by the number of strips – on a new version there were fifteen.

Flag of USA-11

The design of the sign with fifteen stripes was used only with the flag with the 15th state. For all the following ads, the number of bands remained 13.

Starting from 1818 to 1822 with America, their number and the state of the states reached 20 4. Instantly, with the process of consolidation of the country and the non-specialized type of flag changed depending on the number of associated states. The non-specialized number has become:

  • 20 – in 1818 (Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi);

Flag USA-12

  • 21 – in 1819. (Illinois);

Flag of USA-13

  • 23 – in 1820. (Alabama, Man);

Flag of USA-14

  • 24 – in 1822. (Missouri).

USA-15 Flag

From 1836 to 1990, it was added at times to one state, and the flag was transformed accordingly, respectively:

  • In the thirties – Arkansas, Michigan;

Flag of USA-16 Flag of USA-17

  • In the fortieth – Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin;

Flag of USA-18 Flag of USA-19 Flag of USA-20 Flag of USA-21

  • The fifties – California, Minnesota, Oregon;

USA-22 Flag Flag of USA-23 USA-24 Flag

  • In the sixties and seventies – Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado.

USA Flag-25 USA-26 Flag Flag of USA-27 Flag of USA-28 USA Flag-29

In just 100 years of the existence of a “new constellation”, the government in the United States has increased three times. The second word, in the case associated with the moment of creation, the country that has emerged from 13 states, by 1877, has already numbered 30 to eight.

The XIX century ended with accession of another 7 states:

  • North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho – 1890 g.;

Flag of USA-30

  • Wyoming – 1891.;

USA Flag-31

  • Utah – 1896 g.

USA Flag-32

  • By the 1960s of the 20th century, the United States was supplemented by another five states: Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii.

USA Flag-33 USA-34 Flag Flag of USA-35 Flag of USA-36

The last version of the flag has already been sixty years old.


The USA flag consists of 13 horizontal, uniform in width, alternating white and barded strips. The alternation sequence begins with red and ends with the same color. The upper left part of the panels (in the tree) presents the figure of a rectangular shape of blue, which depicts 50 five-pointed white stars. Stars applied are equal to the number of states that are part of the country. Stars are located in nine sequences: 5 6 stars and four to 5.

Flag USA-37

Flag side associate with dimensions as 1 to 1.9. The width of each band is equal to 1/13 of the total width of the panel. The dimensions of the rectangle with the stars are equal:

  • Length – two fifth flag lengths;
  • Width – 7/13, second words, seven lanes.

For the uniform distribution of stars on the blue field, the following dimensions are applied:

  1. What horizontal stitching states is not important at a distance of 1/10 of the field width, and at least some vertical column at a distance of 1/12 field length.
  2. Star diameter corresponds to 4/5 width of one strip.

The specification gives the following values:

  1. Flag width: a = 1.0
  2. Flag length: B = 1.9
  3. Width of the area: C = 0.5385 (A x 7/13, takes seven lanes)
  4. The length of the area of ​​the stars: d = 0.76 (b ? 2/5, two fifth flag lengths)
  5. E = F = 0.0538 (C / 10, one tenth width of star’s area)
  6. G = H = 0.0633 (D / 12, one twelfth length of the star’s area)
  7. Star diameter: k = 0,0616 (L x 4/5)
  8. Strip width: L = 0.0769 (A / 13, one thirteenth flag width)

USA-38 flag

Colors America flag

The colors used on the flag of only three:

  1. White;
  2. Red;
  3. Blue.

Meaning colors of American flag

The symbols and colors used on the US flag have their interpretations and explanations:

  1. Thirteen stripes of red and white symbolize 13 former colonies in the UK, which formed a new free country. (Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New-York, North Carolina, Rhode Island);
  2. Crying blue symbolizes the union;
  3. The number of stars on the blue field corresponds to the number of states (the current number is 50);
  4. The red color personifies endurance and valor; Dark blue – zeal, justice, vigilance; White – innocence and purity.

Other flags

In the middle of the existing symbols of state and government agencies, there are flags:

  • Neat office and president, and vice president;

Flag USA-39 USA-40 Flag USA-41 Flag

  • Municipal Department, his Secretary of State and Deputy, US ambassadors;

USA-42 Flag USA-43 Flag

USA Flag-44

USA-45 Flag

  • Treasury Department of America;

USA Flag-46

  • US National Security Agencies;

Flag of USA-47

  • Minister of Defense of the United States of America;

USA-48 flag

  • The general prosecutor of the United States;

USA-49 Flag

  • Central intelligence management and others.

USA-50 Flag

With the most complete version of the flags of state, federal, and urban structures of America, their divisions, territorial entities (states), associated and dependent territories to read the link.

The placement of stars at the versions of Flags of America until 1934 was not adjudicated. Based on this, different modifications of the characters are seen, on which the stars are located in a circle, arc, star-like, and t.NS.

USA-51 Flag

Interesting facts about the flag

Dependent on the US country Puerto Rico, where the supreme power belonging to the US Congress, but there is a set of self-government, it will be permissible to be the 51st state of America. On this issue, referendums have already been held in Puerto Rico: in 2012 and 2017. The next one is planned to be held in November 2020. Not paying attention to the absence of the final status of the country, the project version of the flag with 51 stars is prepared.

USA-52 Flag

There is a special cult of the flag in America. Unlike the second countries, there is a code of flag in the USA, that is regulated by the rules and use of circulation. For example,

  • With the worn-out of the edges of the flag, it is replaced with a new one, and the vehicles are almost always burned;
  • Flag, posted at night, must be covered;
  • When a disaster signal, the flag can be hiding down;
  • Pronunciation of the oath of loyalty in schools and kindergartens with the role of teachers and educators;
  • The flag should not touch the Earth and DR.

There is a legend that, if the flag touched the Earth, then it should be quite a stuff from the face of the earth.

At different times, following some of the historical and military events, the names of the USA infuriated (clicks) of the “Star Banner” or “Old Glory”.

“Star-Banner” – in 1814. During the battle for the Fort Mak Henry in Baltimore, the intercessors managed to defend him, and inspired by this victory, poet Francis Scott Key wrote a poem in what a star banner praised. The upcoming line of the poems was laid on the music and from 1931. She became a hymn of America.

USA-53 Flag

“Old Glory” – in the Museum of American History (G. Washington) Stores the flag of the example with 34 stars, who climbed such a name.

USA-54 flag

Non-specialized US information

Official language No, de facto English
Capital Washington
Territory 9 519 431 km2
Population 328 915 700 people
Currency US dollar (USD, code 840)
Telephone code +1
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