Flag of Jamaica: colors and meaning

The flag of Jamaica in its modern form was approved as a national symbol in August 1962, when the country has gained complete independence from the UK. And Jamaica is one of those states where the official flag was determined by popular voting (according to the referendum principle). And that is why it is dominated by the so-called “PanFrean” colors – gold and green.

Jamaica Flag: Photo

Flag of Jamaica

The Jamaican flag is a golden cross with two black and green noise-free triangles. In the amount of the proportions 1 to 2. In the original version, 3 colors were also used, but the bands were horizontal, which visually reminded the flag of all other former colonies of England. But similar to the structure of the flag in the middle of the 20th century has already been used in the Republic of Taganik, so his statement later refused.

In the German media after 2005, the photo of the flag was often symbolized with the association of three political parties of the country (as the elections came without a clear favorite from the voter). And because of this, some have false assurances that the combination of three colors is a political collaboration. But this idea belongs to one of the journalists and is not connected with the history of Jamaica. After all, its political development began only in the 70s, before this period, the power in the country was represented by the United Kingdom.

Flag of Bob Marley

The population of Jamaica in the 70s – 80 years was often used at rallies the so-called “flag of Bob Marley”, although he was never claimed as a national symbol. In it – 3 equal in size of the strip of green, yellow and red colors, symbolizing:

  1. Green – approval that the planet is above all.
  2. Yellow personifies solar color.
  3. Red – Industrialization.

Flag of Jamaica photo

Although the theory is also common, according to which the colors of the flag symbolize all the common defects of humanity, contrary to the moralization of Ja. Historians argue that they were “taken” from the flag of Ethiopia.

An image of a banner with green, yellow, and red flowers really offered to approve as a state symbol of Jamaica. But a similar situation arose in other African countries since Bob Marley up to his death (in 1981) performed in all states who got rid of the influence of colonizers. And together with this course, Rastafarianism gained wide popularity.

What does the Jamaica flag look like

In the period of the colonization of Jamaica, the flag looked like a derivative from the British. It was a blue canvas, in the upper left of it – the flag of colonialists, in the center (with a displacement to the right) – the coat of arms of the People of Jamaica. This variation of the flag was massively used from 1875 to 1962.

Jamaica population

Next, after gaining independence, the banner was changed to what was used by paramilitary parts. And only after the competition he was led to a modern appearance.

Local people argue that colors on the flag symbolize:

  1. Black – symbolizes the local people and his spiritual creativity, the basis of which is representatives of the Negroid race.
  2. Golden is a sunrise and a symbol of wealth.
  3. Green is hope.

It is also considered that the shape of the cross is not chosen by chance. This personifies the Commonwealth of Nations and the Multinationality of the Yamaican Society.

Another sea flag is used in Jamaica (depicted on ships). This is a red cross on a white background, where the upper left sector is replaced by the flag of Jamaica.

And even before the flag approval in 1962, the standards were temporarily used. There was a separate coat of arms for the Prime Minister, as well as the Queen of the United Kingdom (for representatives of England in the negotiation process).

By the way, Jamaica is today – the only country in the world, the independence of which recognized all the largest community of the planet (including the UN), but in the color of the flag there are no blue, white and red colors.

In TOTAL, Jamaica is one of the largest island countries. Although it belongs to the continent of North America, the main population is immigrants from African settlements. The image of the cross on the flag just symbolizes the Commonwealth of All Nations. And it is this country that is the birthplace of Bob Marley.

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