Flag of Puerto Rico: meainig and colors

Associated Government, Puerto Rico depends on the USA. The municipal flag was officially approved only in the middle of the 20th century.

So the modern flag of Puerto Rico looks:

Flag Puerto Rico-1

History flag of Puerto Rico

For a couple of centuries, Puerto Rico stayed in colonial dependence on Spain.

On September 23, 1868, a rebellion in Puerto Rico came out in the city of Lares, the famous name “El Grit ode Lares”, which is translated as Creek Lares. The sign of the uprising was a rectangular cloth divided by white horizontal and vertical stripes into 4 rectangles. Top – blue, bottom – red. In the upper-right rectangle – a five-pointed star of white. The uprising was suppressed. At the moment, this day is celebrated as a municipal festive.

Flag Puerto Rico-2

At the moment, this day is celebrated as a municipal festive.

Flag of colonial Spain In 1793-1873 and 1875-1898. Represented a rectangle, divided into three horizontal stripes. Top and the bottom red. Medium, wider, yellow. On the yellowish strip, closer to the tree, the emblem suffered, the oval, was divided by vertical into two equal parts. Left – red color with the image of a yellowish castle, right – white with a red lion image. The emblem is crowned.

Flag of Puerto Rico-3

Spanish colonial flag in 1873-1875. Represented a rectangle, divided with yellow horizontal and vertical stripes into 4 equal red rectangles. On crossed strips – a colonial shield of green color, crowned with a crown.

Flag Puerto Rico-4

In 1895, representatives of the Puerto Rican branch of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, which struggled with the colonizers, made a flag resembling Cuban, changing places blue and red colors. So the modern flag of Puerto Rico appeared.

In July 1898, during the Spanish-American War, the American army invaded Puerto Rico. Spain should give up its colony of the USA. From 1899 to 1952, the only official flag was the USA Flag.

At the end of the commission in 1950. Puerto Rican Separations of the Attempt At the America President Truman, the last, has agreed to hold a referendum in Puerto Rico on the adoption of its Constitution. The Constitution was adopted in the first half of the 50s and years. July 24, the state flag of Example 1895 was approved.

Flag Puerto Rico-5


Rectangle with a ratio of length and width 2:3.

Horizontally divided into 5 isometric strips. Top, central, and lower – red, between the – two white stripes.

The string is located in a blue equilateral triangle with a length of the side equal to the width of the flag.

In the center of the triangle – a five-pointed white star.

Colors of flag Puerto Rico

Three colors:

  1. Red;
  2. Blue;
  3. White.

Colors not regulated. Different tones and red flowers are seen.

Meaning colors of the flag of Puerto Rico

In 1895, the creators of the flag took the banner of Cuban revolutionaries for the base, rearing colors. They indicated the symbolism of each element and color.

  1. Red stripes symbolize the blood, shedding in the country’s independence.
  2. White stripes – peace and consent.
  3. The star symbolizes Puerto Rico Peninsula.
  4. Blue Triangle – Blue Water, Washing Country, and Reconnected Sky Above Heaven.

Other flags

Governor’s standard – a rectangular white cloth with a coat of arms of Puerto Rico.

Flag Puerto Rico-6

The coat of arms is a green shield with a white lamb, flag, and a book with seven castles depicted on it. Framing of the shield in the form of alternating characters of the Kingdom, subordinate to the Spanish Crown.

Depicted on the right of the letter F and a bunch of bandaged arrows shall be miserable about Ferdinand II. Letter Y and Yarmo right – Isabella Castilskaya.

Below on a developing tape – the motto in Spanish, which is translated as “John His name” (quote from the Gospel). The motto talks about John the Baptist and reminds us that the peninsula was previously called San Juan Bautista.

The coat of arms is available from all the coats of arms of new light states. He was given by Puerto Rico to Spanish Crown back in 1511.

Interesting facts about the flag

In 2016, one of the Russian channels, reporting the death of the Cuban winner Fidel Castro, showed his portrait against the background of Puerto Rican.

In 2013, the President of Venezuela confused the designated flags. The singer of Puerto Rican origin Ricky Martin in his tweeter ridiculously ridiculed the obstacle of the Venezuelan Favorite. But not so long remaining to wait, Martin brought apologized for the mockery and wrote that he loves Venezuela. President Maduro answered the singer: “Venezuela not counting you. Long live Puerto Rico!”. The incident was so exhausted.

Non-specialized information about Puerto Rico

Official language Spanish, English
Capital San Juan
Territory 9104 km2
Population 3 195 153 people
Currency US dollar (USD, code 840)
Telephone code +1 (787) and 1 (939)
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