Flag of El Salvador: meaning and colors

The Republic of El Salvador – the government, the southern part of which is washed by the short ocean. Before purchasing your own today, his sign has suffered quite a lot of transformations.

So the modern flag of Salvador looks:

Flag of Salvador-1

History flag of El Salvador

From 1821 to 1822 was used Flag of Spain (its option without a coat of arms), later.

Flag of Salvador-2

At that time, when the republic became part of the United States of Central America, it seemed 2nd – with 2 blue and one white stripe. With age, he modified – the coat of arms appeared on the middle lane, first round, later round shape.

Flag of Salvador-3 Flag of Salvador-4 Flag of Salvador-5

The United States of Central America – the government existing from 1823 to 1840. It included (not counting El Salvador) Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Los Altos.

From 1865 to 1912, another sign was used – a cloth with nine stripes, and in the upper left corner of it, the hassle, – a red rectangle with white stars. The number of stars on the flag gridiron grew.

Flag of Salvador-6 Flag Salvador-7 Flag of Salvador-8 Flag of Salvador-9 Flag of Salvador-10 Flag of Salvador-11 Flag of Salvador-12

The government took independence from Spain in 1839. The sign is officially approved on May 17, 1912.


Represents three horizontal stripes, two last have one color, central – 2nd. The aspect ratio of steak – 189 to 335.

Colors flag of El Salvador

Blue and white.

Meaning colors flag El Salvador

  1. Blue – nobility, loyalty, and honesty;
  2. White – purity.

Special essence is laid in the coat of arms of the country, which is located in the center of the panel. He has a triangular shape. The triangle is the equality of the whole people, and its parties – the power of which the people obey. Mountains – 5 nations Central America. Frisian Cap, located above them, – Independence. Golden rays – good thoughts of all residents of Salvador. Fourteen leaves – fourteen provinces. Rainbow, which hangs from above, – a symbol of peace all over the world.

Many are confident that the triangle on the flag is related to the masons.

Other flags

  • Civilian maritime and state – signs without a coat of arms or with the state motto “DIOS UNION LIBERTAD” – “Most High, Union, Freedom”, which is written on the central strip yellow.

Flag of Salvador-13

  • Civil flag

Flag of Salvador-14

Salvadoreans, residents of the smallest Central American country, are very loved by the personal flag and are proud of them.

Non-specialized information about El Salvador

Official language Spanish
Capital San Salvador
Territory 21,400 km2
Population 6 460,000 people
Currency Salvadoran Colon (up to 2001.); US dollar (USD, code 840)
Telephone code +503
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