The flag of Saudi Arabia: meaning and colors

The modern municipal flag of Saudi Arabia was approved in the first half of the 70s of the XX century. The history of creation and signs depicted on it are big enthusiasm.

So the modern flag of Saudi Arabia looks:

Flag of Saudi Arabia-1

History flag of Saudi Arabia

The name of the country comes from the rude family of Saudis. The predecessors of Saudi Arabia were weeks and Hijaz.

In the first half of the 40s of the eighteenth century, Mohammed Abdel-Wahhab and Mohammed Ibn Saud founded the 1st Saudi Government Dirish Emirate. The central subordinate was subordinate. Flag of Nenia from 1744 to 1891. It was a greenish rectangular cloth with a white crescent.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-2

In 1818, the Egyptians defeated the 1st Saudi Government. On previously subordinate to the country, chaos and civil engine. The ruler was the Turks from the side branch of the Saudis, and at the end of which – his descendant Faisal. The new Saudi Government was created.

Subordinate Saudites at that time were emirate Jebel-Shammar. It began the struggle for power between families. Clane Al-Rashid. The banner of this family was a red cloth with a yellowish crescent in a batch and an eight-pointed star in the upper right corner. This banner existed from 1835 to 1920.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-3

By 1891. 2nd Saudi Government broke up. Emirate Jebel-Shammar intensified by attaching to for myself most of the land of sides.

In 1902, Abdul-Aziz, which is a descendant of the ruling family, received help from Emir Kuwait in the form of people and guns. Abdul-Aziz made a brave coming and captured the generic nest of the Saudites ER Riyad. He appointed himself rulers of the new Saudi country. The banner was a rectangular cloth of greenish colors with a white stripe in a tree and a white inscription in Arabic. The flag existed until 1921. In the marked year, Abdul-Aziz was completely overwhelmed by Jebel-Shammar and appointed himself as a ruler, taking the title of Sultan.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-4

Flag of Sultanate from 1921 to 1926. was very similar to the modern banner Arab Emirates – a green rectangle with white inscription and saber.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-5

Within the First World Sheriff Mecca was Hussein Ben Ali. The Government of the Government in 1915 gave a promise to make it the master of most Arab lands. Believing in the British, Hussein raised in 1916 an anti-Asian uprising. Flag of Hijaz in 1916 there was a red rectangular cloth.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-6

From 1917 to 1926. The Banner of Hijaz appeared pan-Arab colors – the colors of the unity of Arabs. In 1917. A flag was accepted in the form of a rectangle with a red nose-free triangle in a tree and 3 horizontal stripes – black from above, green in the center, and white pine.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-7

  • In 1920. White and green stripes changed places.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-8

  • And in 1926-1932. White color was replaced with yellow, the strips were stirred in such a sequence: black, green, yellow.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-9

The result of the uprising was the failure of Turkey. Hussein expected Britain to fulfill duties, but the British and the French preferred to divide the sphere of Acts in Arab countries. Hussein became the Lord of the 1st Hijaz. He joined the war with the next and lost her. Abdul-Aziz captured Hijaz and announced the development of the kingdom of subsearch and Hijaz. In the first half of the 30s of the twentieth century, it was transformed into Saudi Arabia.

In 1932-1934. The flag of Saudi Arabia was a greenish rectangle with a white stripe in a hagging. In the center – Shahad and Saber.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-10

  • In 1934-1938.G. there was an option with a narrower white stripe.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-11

  • In 1938-1973. used option without strip.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-12

On March 15, 1973, the official version of the Municipal Flag of Saudi Arabia was approved, which is consumed at a true time.


It is a rectangular cloth greenish color with a width ratio to a length of 2:3.

In the center – Silver (White) Arabic inscription, called Shahada.

Arab inscriptions are read on the right to the left.

Shahada – evidence of faith in Allah. It translates: “There is no Highest, not counting Allah, and Mukhamed – the Prophet His”.

The inscription is made in the style of Slyus, for which the interlacing parts are acceptable, rounded shapes of letters.

Under Shahada is a silver (white) saber without a sheath. Blade turned to the left.

So that a shakhah may be read on both sides, the flag is stitched from 2 identical cloths, folded together with the invalid side inside.

Colors flag of Saudi Arabia

Two colors:

  1. Green corresponds to Pantone 330c;
  2. White.

On the UN flag, the green color is used, the corresponding Pantone 349.

Meanings colors flag of Saudi Arabia

  1. Green background – not bad color Islam.
  2. Shahada – Symbol of Faith in Allah.
  3. Saber – Founder’s justice and symbol of the country’s victories of Abdul-Aziz Ibn Abdurrahman Ibn Faisal Al Saud.

Other flags

Civil Flag – Green Rectangle. In the upper right corner allocated by the White Frame – White Shahada and Saber.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-13

The Navy flag is a green rectangle with a blue stripe in a tree separated by a narrow white stripe. On a green background – White Shahad and Saber. On the blue strip – the emblem of the Navy, which shows the steering wheel with palm and crossed sabers in the center, driving – anchor. There is framing in the form of palm leaves connected at the bottom of the red ribbon. The emblem is crowned crown. widths and length ratio 12:25.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-14

The naval flag with an aspect ratio of 2:3 is a blue rectangle with the NMS sign in the center.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-15

Royal flag – a green rectangle with an aspect ratio of 2:3. In the center – Silver (White) Shahada and Saber. In the lower right corner – golden (yellow) palm trees and two crossed sabers under them.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-16

Interesting facts about the flag

The state flag of Saudi Arabia is used only for official purposes.

Flag of Saudi Arabia-17

Strongly allowed to locate the image of the flag on the clothes, the second item. Government of Saudi Arabia in 2002. Expressed a protest about the image of the country’s state banner on soccer balls at the World Cup. They stated that it is unacceptable and blasphemous to beat the holy feet for all Muslims inscriptions-Shahad.

In 2007. American army decided to provide extraordinary humanitarian assistance to Afghan children. They dropped balls from the helicopters with images of flags of different countries. In Saudi Arabia, on this occasion, demonstrations were held, in which citizens expressed protest of this promotion.

Only horizontal flag placement is used. In rare cases, at the time when the vertical options for the banner are created, Shahad and the saber are rotated 90 degrees, t.To. these signs will not be cut to portray.

Non-specialized information about Saudi Arabia

Official language Arab
Capital Er-Riyad
Territory 2 149 690 km2
Population 34 218 169 people
Currency Saudi Rial
Telephone code +966
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