Flag UAE (United Arab Emirates): meaning and colors

UAE – the United Arab Emirates, having a fairly young sign, which was created at the end of the past century.

So the modern Flag of the UAE looks:

UAE-1 flag

History flags of the United Arab Emirates

Emirate Flag – 1st Government, held by the modern area of ​​the UAE. Had a personal sign – a green flag with a white crescent. It was from 1744 to 1818.

UAE-2 Flag

Emirates of Najd – 2nd Saudi Government – another territorial unit existing from 1818 to 1891. Sign colors are similar to Dirian, inscription on a monophonic background.

UAE-3 Flag

Agreeing Oman – the last predecessor of the United Arab Emirates. The flag with a central, wider, horizontal strip of white, on which a seven-star star is located, and more narrow red stripes on the sides.

UAE-4 Flag

The modern view of the municipal sign was adopted in the first half of the 70s of the twentieth century. He was selected among competitive applications, which were above thousands. Abdul al-Maana, a nineteen-year-old guy, became the winner.

The creator of the flag at the moment occupies the post of Ambassador of the UAE in the Czech Republic.

The flag is allowed to twist, but in this case, the red bar must appear at the top, and in another case, the 2nd position is unacceptable.


It is a cloth with 3 horizontal stripes and one vertical, located to the left of them. Vertical width is equal to the fourth part of the width of the entire flag, horizontal monotonous.

Days of the Flag was created in 2013 since that time is celebrated by the third of November of each year.

UAE flag color

Made in pan-Arabic colors Oars: Black, White, Green, Red.

At first, these colors symbolized the Arab revolution – the struggle against the Ottoman domination, which began in 1916.

Meaning colors UAEflag

All four colors in aggregate mean the unity of Arab states. But the 1st mention was for a long time to the Arab uprising, still in the fourteenth century.

  1. Red: in the XIV century – blood enemies. Later – Turkey and Hashers. At the moment – unity of 7 Emirates, perseverance, and courage. Considered the main on the flag.
  2. Black: in the XIV century – power and valor. Later – the memory of the prophet Muhammed (so was the color of his sign) and the righteous caliphate. At the moment – the mind.
  3. White: in the XIV century – righteous and pious deeds. Later – Omeyad Caliphate. At the moment – clean.
  4. Green: in the XIV century – golden lands. Later – Fatimid Caliphate. At the moment – wealth and love.

There is a delusion that the black personifies oil – the main necessary fossil extracted in the UAE. But at the time, at the time, at the time, at the time, when the flag was created, no one believed that it would lead to the opening of oil fields – people did not preserve faith in infidelity, based on This heavy oil Meaning was not betrayed, and even more so, no one was going to make it part of the 1st of the main state symbols.

Other flags

Presidential: It is distinguished by the fact that the coat of arms of the country is located on the central horizontal strip. Used only in the presence of the president.

Civic: Used by civil courts. Red cloth, in the upper left corner of which the state flag is located in a white frame.

Seven Emirates not counting this have personal signs.

Dubai and Ajman: Same signs – red with white vertical stripe.

UAE-5 Flag

Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah: not counting this similar – white with a red rectangle.

Flag of UAE-6

Abu Dhabi: Red with a white horizontal stripe.

UAE-7 Flag

Umm al-Quwain: Red with a white vertical stripe over the left edge, crescent and star in the center in order.

Flag of UAE-8

El Funereal: Repeats State.

Like all the Arab countries of the UAE use excellent colors in their flag, but it does not prevent him from allocating in the midst.

Non-specialized information about the UAE

Official language Arab
Capital Abu Dhabi
Territory 83 600 km2
Population 10 207 863 people
Currency Dirham UAE (AED, code 784)
Telephone code +971
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