Flags Pakistan: image and meaning

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was created so that the Muslim population of Hindustan could live in their country, guided by their own ideological, religious, and political views. Islam, as a state ideology, is reflected in official symbols, including the state flag.

So the modern flag of Pakistan looks:

Flag of Pakistan-1

No position is allowed, in which the star and the ends of the crescent are deployed on the left.

History Pakistan flag

The territory of Pakistan until the mid-20th century was in colonial dependence on the British crown. In the investigation of the section of British India in the 2nd half of the 40s of the 20th century, Dominion Pakistan seemed. Pakistan is actually translated as “the place of pure”.

Flag of Pakistan-2

With the proclamation of August 14, 1947, the Pakistan flag was approved.

In his base, the banner of the party, which joined the rights of Muslims of British India, – the All-Indian Muslim League.

Flag of Pakistan-3

In the 2nd half of the 50s of the 20th century, the Dominion was transformed into the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The rulers left the banner constant.

Islam is not just a dominant religion, well, the municipal ideology. This is reflected in signs and colors.

In Pakistan, do not rush to raise any flags higher than the municipal flag. The only organization for which there is an exception – UN.


Rectangle, shared by a vertical line, into two parts. In the left part, the strip is available, the width of which is 1/4 of the length of the canvas. The right side is a greenish rectangle that occupies the main part of the canvas.

In the center of the greenish rectangle placed a white crescent, his finishes are deployed on the right to swell. Between the upper right and crescent angle of the flag, there is a white five-pointed star, one beam of which will be turned toward the designated angle.

The ratio and width of the length, 2:3.

When picked up 2nd, the municipal is right.

Colors flag Pakistan

Two colors:

  1. Greenish – corresponds to RGB 1/65/28
  2. White – corresponds to RGB 255/255/255

Meaning the flag of Pakistan

Unlike the second state, where a greenish color symbolizes nature, native soil, in Pakistan This color indicates Muslims, the population, professing Islam.

The white strip denotes non-Muslims living in the country. The country’s population has 207 million. Man and represented by more than 100 nationalities.

White Crescent and Star – Islam signs. Crescent – Progress Symbol, Star – Slidery, Light.

State Sign is a shrine, strictly not to be respected to touch it with unclean hands. The banner should not touch the legs, shoes, soil or something unclean.

Other banners

Civic presents a red-colored rectangle, in the cock of the state flag.

Flag of Pakistan-4

Army flag – a green rectangle with 2 naked crossed sabers. White Blines, Roots – Yellow. Blines are aimed. Over them – White Star and Crescents, Deployed on Leo.

Flag of Pakistan-5

The Banner of the Navy looks like a national flag, in the upper left corner of which, on the white strip, there is a blue emblem of the Navy, on which the anchor is depicted, over it – an inscription of the star and crescents, under it – the inscription “Pakistan”.

Pakistan-6 flag

Guys Navy – Blue Rectangle with White Navy Sign in the Center.

Flag of Pakistan-7

Banner of Air Force – Blue Rectangle, while – State Flag. At the right bottom – a white circle circled with a wide green circle.

Flag of Pakistan-8

Civil Aviation – Blue Rectangle, Discounted Within Two Equal Parts of a Dark Blue Stripe. On both sides of the strip – narrow white stripes. In the ranking – the state flag.

Flag of Pakistan-9

  • Pakistan President Pakistan:

Flag of Pakistan-10

  • Pakistan Premiere Stander:

Flag of Pakistan-11

  • Flag of the Supreme Court, Pakistan:

Flag of Pakistan-12

  • Flag of the Federal Sharia Court of Pakistan:

Flag of Pakistan-13

Interesting facts about the flag

  • The flag rises to the dawn and descends at sunset. The only place where he raises the whole day – the structure of parliament. At night, it will certainly be illuminated by unprofitable light.
  • They do not cut down to cover the grave and bury it with the coffin.
  • In 2014, at the stadium in Lahore, more than 29 thousand people formed a “live flag”, lined up on the stadium field, and raising the heads of green and white shields over the heads. The record was listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • The past record was installed in the same stadium 2 years earlier. Over 24 thousand. Human.

Pakistan’s inhabitants with huge reverence belong to the flag. Disrespectful acts in relation to it are unthinkable and unacceptable.

Non-specialized information about Pakistan

Official language Urdu and English
Capital Islamabad
Territory 803 940 km2
Population 207 774 520 people
Currency Pakistani Rupee (PKR, code 586)
Telephone code +92
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