Flag of Costa Rica: meaning and colors

The Republic of Costa Rica – Government in Central America. Translated from Spanish, it shows the secured saved. The republic has borders with Nicaragua and Panama. South and Western countries are washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, respectively.

So the modern flag of Costa Rica looks:

Flag of Costa Rica-1

History flags of Costa Rica

Costa Rica from the 16th century to 1821. He was a colony of Spain. In the indicated year, she became free from the Spanish crown, but uniting with the countries of Central America, in the form of the Federation, became part of the Mexican Empire. The flag of the empire is now used.

Costa Rica Flag-2

But other flags were used instantly:

  • 1821-1823;

Flag of Costa Rica-3

  • 1823-1824;

Flag of Costa Rica-4

  • 1824;

Flag of Costa Rica-5

  • 1824-1840;

Flag of Costa Rica-6

  • 1840-1842;

Costa Rica Flag-7

  • 1842-1848.

Flag of Costa Rica-8

The final version of the flag was adopted in the 2nd half of the 40s of the nineteenth century. Their combinations and colors resemble the French tricolor, only horizontal accommodation. Such an image of a sign meant a tribute to France, which in those days was listed for imitation.

Flag of Costa Rica-9

The municipal sign of Costa Rica was approved in November 1906.


RCD sign is a rectangular cloth with an aspect ratio of 3 to 5. It shows 5 horizontal stripes: two blue, two white, and one red. The blue and white stripes are equal on their own width, while the red is twice wider. From above down alternation strips go in subsequent sequence: blue, white, red, white, blue. On the left side of the red strip (closer to the tree) on the version of the government sign depicts the emblem of Costa Rica. On the variant of the civil flag of the coat of arms.

Flag of Costa Rica-10

Two vessels are presented on the coat of arms of RKR: 1st from the Pacific Ocean, 2nd from – the Caribbean Sea. The ascending Sun symbolizes freedom. Three mountains depicted between sailboats personify the three main mountain chains of the country. Seven stars presented on the coat of arms is seven provinces of the Kyrgyz Republic. On the left and right sides of the coat of arms, there are small beads, symbolizing Costa Rican coffee.

Two inscriptions were made in the high part of the coat of arms: on white ribbon the name of the country, and above the shield on the blue tape inscription about the location region – Central America.

Colors flag of Costa Rica

The state symbol of Costa Rica consists of 3-colors: blue, white, red.

Meaning colors flag Costa Rica

The colors of the Costa Rica sign have the following values:

  1. Blue is his sky and beauty, eternity, religious and spiritual perfection, perseverance;
  2. White – wisdom, clear thinking, peace, and new beginnings;
  3. Red – Heat of residents of Costa Rica, their love for fate, willingness to shed blood for freedom.

The symbolism colors use the 2nd interpretation: blue and white symbolize the independence of the Kyrgyz Republic, and the red – civilization.

Flag of Costa Rica-11

Other flags

The civil flag of the KR looks not counting this, but without a coat of arms.

Flag of Costa Rica-12

Interesting facts about the flag

The flag of Costa Rica has a similarity with Thailand. The difference is that the places of red and blue and colors are changed among themselves.

Flag of Costa Rica-14

There is an optional law allowing citizens of Costa Rica to use the flag only on the days of state solemn days.

Non-specialized information about Costa Rica

Official language Spanish
Capital San Jose
Territory 51 100 km2
Population 5 097 988 people
Currency Color (CRC, code 188)
Telephone code +506
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