Flag of Thailand: meaning and colors

Thailand (Kingdom of Thailand) – the government located in the southwest of the Indochinese Peninsula. The country until 1939 was named the kingdom of Siam. This is the only government in the region, which preserved personal sovereignty, while the other became the colonies of European powers. The area of ​​its locality form 514 thousand.v.M., And the population is about 69 million. human.

So the modern flag of Thailand looks:

Flag of Thailand-1

History of the flag of Thailand

The history of the country begins with the XIII century. While this period is significant for military events with the construction of a strong and influential country on the peninsula. Specifically based on this and the fact that Siam was a buffer between the colonies England and France, the country managed to maintain its independence. The 1st Flags of Siam were the red panels, which were depicted emblems, which changed a personal view at different times:

  • 1656 – 1782 (Kingdom of Ayutthaya);

Flag of Thailand-2

  • 1782 – 1817;

Thailand-3 flag

  • 1817 – 1855 (White elephant inscribed in the chakra is considered a sign of the royal power);

Flag of Thailand-4

  • 1855 – 1916;

Flag of Thailand-5

  • Siam 1916.

The collection of the municipal sign of Siam (Thailand) in 1917 was replenished with a new version of the flag folding out of 5 horizontal strips, without any emblemsFlag of Thailand-6

On him. This option was used as a municipal sign for 1917., But the design in the same year was changed – the central red stripe was replaced by blue. The explanation for the transformation was that the blue was listed by the color of the king, and his nonspecialized view, with red-white stripes, was similar to the municipal signs of the Allies, participating in Chapel with Thailand in the First World War.

Thailand-7 flag

A new sign, known as Thong Tyron, is also valid and at the moment, not counting the small period from 1941 to 1945., At that time, when the territory was captured by the Japanese. During these years, an option was used, approved in 1855. and operating in 1916.

Flag of Thailand-8


The state symbol is available by a spanner of a rectangular shape, which in width is broken by 6 equal parts. The upper and lower sectors are painted in red. Next to the bands of Klingon Colors are located white. The remaining two parts are in the center, painted in blue. The aspect ratio of the flag to each other equals 2 to 3.

Colors of the flag of Thailand

Tricolor (“Thong Tyron”) of the country consumes three colors:

  1. Red;
  2. White;
  3. Blue.

Meaning colors flag of Thailand

The colors “Thong Tuareg” symbolize the main concepts for Thailand:

  1. Red – People;
  2. White – religion (personifies purity and applies to all religions in the country);
  3. Blue – Lord (monarchy symbol).

The procedure for placing colors has a personal value. “Cognition” of the flag to be sent out from the center. The monarchy represented by blue is protected by religion (Buddhism), and the last stripes of red symbolize the unity of civilization and the blood spilled for it. Monarchy, religion, and civilization are reflected in the symbolism of the official sign.

Other flags

Thailand’s flags ideology of flags has a fairly different picture. In other words,

  • Samples of the king and members of the royal surname;

Thailand-9 flag

  • Premier;

Thailand-10 flag

  • Minister of Defense;

Thailand-11 flag

  • Head of State Assembly;

Thailand-12 flag

  • Head of the Supreme Court.

Thailand-13 flag

From military options, there are flags:

  1. Royal Army (Garuda and Hangman);
  2. Royal Army and commander-in-chief;
  3. Royal Fleet.

Similar flags

In the midst of similar symbols of the second countries are engaged Costa Rican. Similarity is:

  • In the colors used – blue, white, red;
  • In their sizes and the number of bands – 5 bands, four of which are equal, and the central to two extensive.

Flag of Thailand-14

The only difference is in the order of placement of the color palette. Blue and red colors are rearranged.

Interesting facts about the flag

In coordination with a legend in 1916., During the visit of the King of the provinces affected by flooding, the villagers in incorrectness hung the flag in an inverted form. Pictured on a red background, a white elephant “was” on the lower back, which was perceived as a bad sign. The lords, shocked by this kind, decided to make a new symmetrical flag, with whom I had a similar deal that did not have a property.

Non-specialized information about Thailand

Official language Thai
Capital Bangkok
Territory 514,000 km2
Population 66 413 797 people
Currency BAT (THB)
Telephone code +66
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