Flag of Japan: meaning and colors

In the imperial period, the flag of Japan is a white cloth of a rectangular shape with a red circle in the center of the rectangle and the red rays of different lengths and widths departing from it. Externally, such an image resembles the sun that refers us to the name of the country.

Used as a national symbol, military tie in the period of Meiji from January 27, 1870. Currently continues to be used, but not as a national symbol and in a somewhat modified version. Stock-Foto Symbols can be seen below.

Flag of Japan

What does the flag of Japan look like

The modern version of the Japanese flag looks like a rectangular white cloth with a circle of red in the center. The country abandoned the imperial version of the banners, which was presented above, but at the same time kept in the symbolism of the standard the meaning that was invested in it for a long period of time.

A photo of the modern state symbol of the Japanese country is presented below.

Japanese flag

The contrast of white and red colors simultaneously with the lack of additional symbolism on the cloth makes it memorable.

What does flag Japan mean

Translated from the Japanese language The name of the main state symbol of the country is read as “Solar Circle”. It is believed that the symbol found in the middle of the panel is the rising sun. The decoding of the flag of Japan on heraldic colors is as follows:

  1. White color is used to transmit pristine purity;
  2. The red color is used to designate the life-giving power of the Sun.

It is worth noting that the color of the circle often changes since 1999 becomes scarlet, before that, the color was darker. The combination of white and red shades in the country is perceived as the designation of happiness and fun. The Japanese are proud of their banner, depict it on household items, clothes.

Japan Navy Flag: photo

Flag of Navy Japan you can see in the photo shown below.

Flag of Navy Japan

Note that it is very similar to the imperial version of the tie, but some differences are still present. So, among them, you can allocate:

  • Modified Location of the Red Circle on the Pointed Banner. If in the imperial symbolism the circle was located in the middle, then in the Japanese standard Navy, it is shifted to the left side;
  • White and red stripes have a smaller length than on the imperial version of the country’s standard.

Stripes depicting the rays of the sun, usually sixteen.

What is the basis of the modern flag of the Navy of Japan

Photos are noticeable that the modern flag of Navy Japan is based on the scue of the Empire, as its changes are insignificant. It is worth noting that the Navy and the Navy here are equivalent concepts since the term NMF is applicable only in the territory of the Russian Federation. The Naval Flag of the Japanese state causes negative emotions from representatives of states affected by the Japanese terror.

Changes in the country’s state symbols are not foreseen – the Japanese is important to maintain their history and culture.

Flag of fascist Japan

The imperial version of the flag of Japan is considered offensive for South Korea and China since in these states fresh memories that occurred during the occupation period by the Japanese side of the territory of these countries during World War II. Recall, Japan was a country supporting the fascist ideology, and during active hostilities managed to allow serious violations of human rights and freedoms. One of the most famous historical facts is the use of Korean and Chinese women to satisfy the carnal needs of Japanese soldiers. Adult women and adolescents from 9-10 years old have been present in such camps (perhaps younger).

Flag of Militarist Japan

Old Japanese Standard in South Korea and Japan has militaristic importance. This is perceived by the victims of Japanese aggression. On the territory of the Japanese state, this symbolism can be used in sporting events, protest actions, it occurs on food products and is the emblem of the National Newspaper Japan “Asahi Simbun”, despite the warnings that the old standard can cause discontent from the Chinese and Koreans.

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