Flag of Mexico: colors and meaning

Mexico or officially the Mexican United States is the government located in North America, the territory of which forms 1 million. 972, 6 thousand km2, and a population of more than 133 million. Human.

So the modern flag of Mexico looks:

Flag of Mexico-1

History of the flag of Mexico

The active development of the Mexico area began with the origin in the place of Europeans. The first among them was the Spaniards (early 16th century). In 1535, the territory became an integral part of the Vice-Kingdom of New Spain. In addition to this, the flag of the kingdom was used as a flag. It included a couple of countries in this region (Guatemala, Nicaragua, Salvador, Cuba, etc.).

Flag of Mexico-2

In 1785, the symbolism was replaced by a different kind that was supposed to emphasize the belonging of the colony to Spain because in these years a confrontation between large powers for the conquest of new colonies increased.

Flag of Mexico-3

Spain In the first half of the 20s of the XIX century, I recognized the independence of Mexico, and the same year was framed as new symbolism.

Flag of Mexico-4

Clear later changed and began to personify the Mexican Empire.

Flag of Mexico-5

Two years later, the Empire fell and Mexico was proclaimed by the Republic. In coordination with this, the country sign was changed.

Flag of Mexico-6

From 1823 to the 60s of the 19th century, the war in Mexico, wars were permanent, at the end of which various parts of Mexican territories were separated and became free. Among them, for example, the Republic of Texas, California, and others.

In the first half of the 60s of the nineteenth century, the country of France has declared an empire but stayed in this capacity for only three years. The 2nd symbolism was adopted shortly.

Flag of Mexico-7

Later, she changed the option of the flag canceled in the first half of the 60s of the nineteenth century.

Flag of Mexico-8

The symbolism of this species was official until 1893, at that time when the pair was changed by an eagle image in the center of the flag.

Flag of Mexico-9

Within 1916, before the adoption of the modern version, there were two more types of the official sign of Mexico.

  • 1st – (1916-1934.)

Flag of Mexico-10

  • 2nd – (1934-1968.).

Flag of Mexico-11

The current view of the State Sign of the Mexican United States has been operating since September 1968.


The State Flag of Mexico is available with a spanner of a rectangular shape, with the proportions of the parties 4 to 7. He is divided into three vertical stripes uniformly in width: on the left (from the trek) dark green stripe, in the center of a white color, and the right – red.

In the center of the white band, the coat of arms of the country is depicted, on which the predatory bird holds a rattlesnake in the beak. Both of these representatives of wildlife live in the Deserts of Mexico, however, a personal presence on the herb (flag). The plant on which the sacrifices an eagle refers to the family of cactus, which grows throughout Mexico.

Colors of the flag of Mexico

On the flag of Mexico, three main colors are used: green, white, red. Apart from them, for the image of the coat of arms, the colors of the second few colors are applied: brownish, blue-blue, yellow, and others.

Flag of Mexico-12

Meaning colors flag of Mexico

Mexican state symbols and colors have a personal designation. In other words,

  1. Green strip is the hope and wealth of natural adequacy of Mexico, and the role of agriculture in its economy.
  2. The white stripe symbolizes cleanliness and freedom.
  3. Red – bloodshed for the independence of the country.

An image of an eagle sitting on a cactus (Berta), with a snake in the beak, is interpreted in different ways. For example, for Europeans, it indicates the success is good over evil., whereas for Aztec images carry the deepest religious essence.

The Meaning colors flag Mexico is decoded in a second way:

  1. Green – independence from Spain;
  2. White – commitment to Catholicism;
  3. Red – Union between Yankees and Europeans.

Other flags

Two Flag options are used in Mexico for state and federal government. In other words, for the president and secretaries of federal bodies, an empty is used on which gold is painted with a coat of arms and inscribed “The Mexican United States”.

Flag of Mexico-13

  • 2nd, for the Cabinets of State Ministers.

Flag of Mexico-14

  • The national flag can be decorated and a special node in the form of a tie.

Flag of Mexico-15

Most of the states of Mexico do not have their characters. But there are such states plays and use personal flag. Among them:

  • Durango;
  • Khalifa;
  • Querétaro;
  • Santana;
  • Tlaxcala.

Interesting facts about the flag

The Mexican flag has quite a lot of interesting raisins of his introduction, introduction, or greetings. For example, the greeting of the flag in the form of the military (honors) and civil, in which the right hand bent in the elbow is installed in a horizontal position at the chest level. Hand palm should touch the chest.

In the last 20 years, there are huge flags throughout the country. The most huge flag is installed in the town of Pietàs, the weight of the canvas, which form 420 kg, and the height of the mast 120 meters.

Flag of Mexico-16

Mexico flag has a Similarity to Italian. Differences are proportions. In the sign of Italy, they make up 2 to 3 and there is no coat of arms in the center.

Non-specialized information about Mexico

Official language Spanish and 67 indigenous languages
Capital Mexico City
Territory 1 972 550 km2
Population 128 649 565 people
Currency Mexican Peso (MXN, code 484)
Telephone code +52
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