Flag of Malawi: meaning and colors

The Republic of Malawi – Government on the terrain of South Africa. July 6, 1964, Small country has become free. The country has one of the poorest on the continent and is less developed. It has two official languages ​​- English and chignon.

So the modern flag of Malawi looks:

Flag Malawi-1

History flag Malawi

In the nineteenth century, Nyasa land entered the English colony. To the colonial banner added a small old image of the settlement.

Flag of Malawi 2

Initially, in the 20th century, the country was awarded to obtain its coat of arms, which is drawn not counting it on the right side.

Flag of Malawi 3

From 1919 to 1953 near the country’s sign removed the white circle and made an image of a bit more. This option of the canvas was used to continue until 1963.

Flag of Malawi-4

In the first half of the 50s of the twentieth century, the new Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasa land (Malawi) appeared with its flag.

Flag of Malawi-5

The Modern Malawi municipal flag was adopted on the day of the announcement of the independence of the Power from the English rule in the years and the 60th half of the 20th century, at the same time, the name was changed.

The country’s banner is based on the colors of the ruling party of the Malawi Congress, since specifically the latter has led the country to independence.

Description of the flag of Malawi

The municipal flag is three bands of different colors with the sun shown on it. Laconic and Strict Cloth Composition.

The coat of arms also has a reference to European good heraldry, and lion and cheetah are depicted on it.

Colors flag Malawi

On the official emblem of Malawi, strips of the monochrome width of black, colors, and green red.

Meaning colors flag Malawi

  1. The black stripe shows the most general population and Africa, Malawi;
  2. The red color symbolizes the shed blood of the people in the struggle for the independence of the terrain;
  3. Green talks about the beautiful nature and unfading greens of Malawi;
  4. The sun with 31 rays means hope for freedom and unity of Africa.

Interesting facts about the flag

In 2010, the government decided not to change the design of the tricolor. Change has suffered an image of the sun. Previously, the sun was red and stood on top of the canvas. At the moment, it focused on white color and fits in the center of the flag. To chagrin, the population took a new design in the bayonets, and on May 28, 2012, the old version was returned.

Flag of Malawi-6

At the option of the flag between 2010 and 2012, the White Sun should mean progress in the development of the country at the end of the departure from the UK.

Other flags

Flag of Malawi-7 Flag of Malawi-8

Malawi is a small government with a population of 18 million. The person who was able to defend personal political rights and escape from the despotic regime of South Africa.

Non-specialized information about Malawi

Official language English, Chevy
Capital Lilongwe
Territory 118 494 km2
Population 16 777 547 people
Currency Malawi Kwacha
Telephone code +265
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