Flag of Colombia: colors and meaning

Flag of Colombia — Principal attribute, at least some country. He reflects the history of the country, its values, and the main rules. The Municipal Sign of Colombia varied many times, and the Meaning of the colors, which were chosen for the current option, hurt legends.

So the modern flag of Colombia looks:

Flag Colombia-2

History of the flag

The 1st traces of a person in the locality of modern Colombia were discovered before NE. At the time of the opening of this land, the Spaniards in 1499. She was inhabited by the reddest, various tribes.

During the colonization, the Government seemed a new Granada, which declared its own independence from Spain In 1810. 10 years later, a canvas was presented, which was approved as the flag of the Great Columbia.

Not counting land, which is part of current Colombia, the terrain has been combined under the flag of this country Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama.

The flag had a view of 3 disproportionate horizontal strips. 1st (yellow) band occupied three sixth total canvases, 2-ala (blue) — two sixths, 3rd red – one-sixth part. In the upper left corner was the coat of arms.

In 1831. The republic seemed new Granada, the municipal symbolism of which, not counting this couple, changed. The colors of the bands and their horizontal accommodation remained constant, but now it does not matter which of them began to occupy an equal width and the coat of arms – depicted in the center of the flag. In 1858. The Republic of the new Granada, and together with her and Colombia, became the Granada Confederation.

The flag of the Granada Confederation has kept the same colors that were used earlier, but its creators placed the band vertically in such a sequence: red, blue and yellow.

Description of the flag

In November 1861. The flag was created, which remains the state sign of Colombia and at the moment, makes it one of the audible existing flags in the world. This Tricolor used the United States of Colombia, which existed from 1863 to 1886. In 1886. A new constitution was adopted, which made the Central Republic of Colombia from the state alliance, but the flag remained unchanged.

Columbia State Flag has horizontal stripes and 3 rectangular shapes: yellow, blue, red. The top yellow bar takes two-quarters of the flag, blue and redone.

Colors of these colors do not have official values, but there are recommended: on the total for yellow – 116, for blue – 287, for red – 186.

Colors and meaning flag of Colombia

Columbia flag colors attribute a huge number of values ​​that are popular from them:

  1. Yellow – Golden Sun and Children of Colombia.
  2. Blue – Water Oceans, Washing Country Coast.
  3. Red – blood spilled on the battlefield for independence fraud.

Interesting Facts

In coordination with another guessing, Francisco de Miranda predetermined the flag of the country of his beloved.

Because f. de Miranda visited Russian Federation and personally knew Catherine II. The Empress, not counting this, patronized him, for what reason the rumors were about their love tie, and the colors of the Columbia Flag prescribe the following: Yellow reminded Miranda about soft remarkable hair beloved, blue – about her bottomless eyes, red – notable mouths. In coordination with the 2nd info, Miranda’s beloved was the Swedish Queen of Christina.

Up to 2000. In the Criminal Code of Colombia, there was an article for public deficiencies of state symbolism. The term of punishment was the term of conclusion of up to 2 years, and the fact of this misconduct was considered to be the Government.

At the moment, all legal entities are subject to fines, which did not hurt the flag of their country.

Non-specialized information about Colombia

Official language Spanish (English and Creole, in the province of San Andres-I-Providencia)
Capital Bogotá
Territory 1 141 748 km2
Population 50 372 424 people
Currency Colombian Peso (COP, code 170)
Telephone code +57
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