Flag of Congo: colors and meaning

The municipal flag of the Republic of Congo was officially approved on August 18, 1958, at that time, at the time, at the time, when the country had achieved autonomy in the French Society.

So the modern flag of Congo looks:

Congo-1 flag

History flag of Congo

Until the mid-19th century, the Kingdom of the Congo was the King. The flag at that time was a white canvas with a red cross, the bands of which were stirred diagonally.

Congo-2 flag

At the end of what, before the 1960s, the country was the colony of France. At that time, at that time, at the time, when the French colonial strength of the Congo did not have the ability to use a personal flag. This restriction was because it would have the opportunity to cause the growth of nationalist mood and appeals to independence. Based on this, in that period of time, France’s sign was officially used.

Today’s view of the Congo flag was approved for the initial time in the 2nd half of the 50s of the twentieth century. It came out at the end of the rescue from the domination of France. At the end of receiving the autonomy, the republic approved personal signs of power.

At the end of the coup in the country and the abolition of parliamentary authorities, the authorities for the management of the state were transferred to the Central Committee of the Congolese Party of Labor.

At the end of 1969, during the proclamation of independence, the flag was on the structure, in which the French consulate of power was stated.

A year later, the new power was proclaimed the Republic of Congo. This country has become the first in Africa with the theory of Marxism-Leninism. To show new ideas, introduced a new anthem and flag.

The flag was a red cloth with the image of the coat of arms. He was a crossed hammer and boom, in which palm branches. On the composition, he reminded the flag of the USSR. The coat of arms was crowned with a five-pointed star, and there was an inscription with the slogan of the republic, written in French: “Labor. Democracy. Peace”. Palm leaves had a greenish color, and the signs of the working power of the golden, and the tape had a white shade.

Congo 3 flag

At the end of the arrival and appearance of democracy of several parties, the ruling party appeared in the opposition first of the 90s. At the end of the democratic elections, the People’s Republic fell. At the moment, the official flag of the country again was the web of an example in 1958. It was approved by re-in 1991, and since that time the flag did not change.


The flag of the Republic of Congo imagines a Pointed rectangular shape with non-standard strips. The right side of the canvas has a red color and the left is green. They are divided by a yellow stripe, which begins in the lower-left corner and stretches diagonally to the right. Yellow strip two times less green and red. Such an unusual placement of the bands is not acceptable for other symbols of global powers. Length to the width form 2 to 3.

Colors flag of Congo

The flag of the Republic of the Congo shows the bands are not bad colors for free countries in Africa. This is green, yellow and red.

Meaning colors flag of Congo

The colors depicted on the canvas carry cultural, political, and regional importance. Stripes on the flag have bright green, yellow and rich red.

At least some of them wearing a certain meaning for residents of the Republic:

  1. For the population of Congo, the red color testifies to the memory of all people, which killed in the struggle for the independence of the Congo. But until the end of this, color is not light.
  2. Yellow fields – these are natural lands in the African continent, In the depths of which there are quite a lot of suitable fossils: forests and agriculture. This color, not counting it, symbolizes the nobility and friendship of the people.
  3. The green color on the canvas symbolizes the natural resources with which the country has.

The Republic of the Congo is an unsavpendent country with great potential. This feature is reflected in the flag. He symbolizes the pride of the inhabitants for his country. And the three basic colors of the flag emphasize the rich cultural heritage.

Non-specialized information about Congo

Official language French, Kituba (Congo; State), Lingala (State)
Capital Brazzaville
Territory 342,000 km2
Population 5 293 070 people
Currency Frank CFA Waias
Telephone code +242
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