Flags of Maldives: meaning and colors

The Maldives – Small Government in the Indian Ocean. Atoll chains stretched to 1192 islands. The territory of recreation of successful people, unofficial Eden on Earth. White Sands, Water Of Unusual Azure Koller. Generous Sun, Full Relax, Cut up tourists within 20 years.

So the modern flag of Maldives looks:

Flag Maldives-1

History flag of Maldives

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the Maldives flag was used by the Sultans and was quite red. Such a tint was not just like that – he contrasts fully contrasted with the color of the Indian Ocean.

In the XIX century, the Ottoman Empire was committed by the propaganda of the Muslim crescent, which was in the fiction in the center of the green rectangle. This version of the Flag of the Maldives has sustained until 1947. From 1947-1968. Was renewed crescent, whose horns showed at the moment on the free side.

At the end of the adoption of independence from the flag Maldives, a black and white strip was removed.

Description of the flag of Maldives

Rectangular cloth, in which a green rectangle with the image of the crescent.

Flag Maldives-2

Colors flag of Maldives

On the Maldives flag, 3 colors are used:

  1. Red;
  2. Green:
  3. White.

Meaning colors and flag sign

  1. Red color – the courage of the population of Ukraine, Real and coming. Readiness to sacrifice yourself for freedom of the country.
  2. Green – palm trees growing on the islands and the riot of greenery.
  3. White Crescent – Official Religion of Countries – Islam.
  4. Maldives – a stunning chain from the atolls, which is at least once in life worth seeing with their own eyes.

Non-specialized Maldives Information

Official language Maldives
Capital Male
Territory 298 km2
Population 402 071 people
Currency Rufia (MVR, 462)
Telephone code +5
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