Flag of Ireland: color and image

Flag of Ireland – Municipal Sign of this country. His story began another couple a year earlier. Over the past time, the form of the flag was significantly exchanged, the values ​​of the colors were changed. Modern Irish municipal sign emphasizes the independence and independence of the country proclaiming democracy.

So the modern flag of Ireland looks:

Ireland Flag-1

History flag of Ireland

At first, the flag of Ireland was a monochrome canvas of a greenish flaker. Hape Gaelic tool was depicted – Golden Harp. This symbolism was extensively used on the peninsula church confederation, which included the Anglo-Norman population. The organization existed on the peninsula until 1651.

At the moment, the greenish cloth with the harp uses the province of Leinster located in the eastern part of Ireland. This flag may be able to communicate in the Navy of the country.

Flag of Ireland-2

The greenish canvas with the image of the harp is informally recognized by the flag of Ireland. It lasted until 1922.

The origin of orange color on a greenish background of the country’s municipal sign initially marked the dislike of Catholics with Protestants. As we know that Protestants were on the side of the Lord of Great Britain Wilhelm II on nicknamed William Red.

Orange – a good color of the Royal Family of Wilhelm III Orange. This lord has defeated a significant fight on the river to the slaughter, which helped the preservation of the act of Protestant on the peninsula. Later a white stripe on the flag marked the reconciliation of Catholics with Protestants.

The origin of the Irish tricolor interprets two versions. Both are connected with the real revolutionary, nationalist Thomas Meager. In the initial time, he showed a banner in the capital of France – Paris. It happened in 1848.

Ireland Flag-3

In coordination with one of the guesses, the color of the flag of Ireland is directly related to the flags of the islands: Newfoundland, Labrador. In addition, the 1st peninsula has a grazing megera. On the second assumption, the modern species of the flag seemed to be thanks to the French banner.

In 1906, Tricolor used the movement of Shinn Faine. Active fighters for independence performed with this banner. Flags stayed at massive political meetings. Flag stated the sign of Shinn Faine. I say that at that time the strip on the canvas had the opportunity to lay horizontally. Green and orange colors periodically changed places.

In the initial time, the tricolor banner of Ireland with vertical stripes was erected over the post office in the town of Dublin in 1916. This responsible event was published during the Easter uprising dedicated to the struggle for the independence of the Republic. Three years later, the Irish Parliament approved a three-color symbol of the country. From 1919. until 1921. The banner was used in the Civil War.

December 1921: Great Britain recognized Ireland as a free state having a dominion status. The country has become free as part of the Commonwealth. Recognition of the tricolor at the state level the flag of Ireland came out in the 2nd half of the 30s of the twentieth century (December 29).

The flag in Ireland is almost in all state institutions. A disrespectful attitude to it is prosecuted by the law of the country.

Send to decrease that Northern Ireland Located in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. It is free from the Republic of Ireland, and also has personal national signs. The official banner of the Northern country is recognized by the UK Potnist.


The Irish flag is a cloth of a rectangular shape, the length of it exceeds the width of two times. It is separated by 3 vertical stripes, similar in size, but differing in color. There are no additional signs on the cloth.

Colors flag of Ireland

Too light of the Irish Flag. At the very stock is a green strip, in the center – White, orange for her.

Tricolor Ireland has a huge resemblance to the tricolor cannon Côte d’Ivoire (government in Africa). Both panels are delimited by vertical stripes of white, green, orange colors. But, U African flag Orange color is in the ride.

The Meaning of the colors of the flag

Although the tint on Tricolor Ireland has a certain meaning:

  1. Green symbolizes supporters of church faith, there is a good color of the country.
  2. Orange – the symbol of Protestant society.
  3. White shade testifies peaceful coexistence of 2 denominations.

The three-color Irish flag symbolizes the religious wealth of society and the unity of the people of this country. Irish are proud of their tricolor and history. This state symbol is located on all holidays, sports competitions, and other serious events.

Non-specialized information about Ireland

Official language Irish, English
Capital Dublin
Territory 70 273 km2
Population 4 921 500 people
Currency Euro (EUR, code 978)
Telephone code +353
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