Flag of Iceland: meaning and colors

Iceland is called “Ice Country”. The government is in the western part of Northern Europe. The whole territory develops from the islands and islands and is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Iceland, like at least some countries, there is a personal symbolism. In the article, we are painstakingly chatting about the flag.

So the modern flag of Iceland looks:

Iceland flag-1

History flag of Iceland

The Icelandic distinguished sign has a rich history.

  • The 1st municipal symbolism seemed in the 2nd half of the 90s of the nineteenth century: then Iceland was still part of Danmark. The flag was a rectangular dark blue canvas with the image of the White Scandinavian Cross. This option did not arrive because of the big similarity with the Flag of Greece. The attribute was called “Kvitblaown”.
  • In 1913, the Prime Minister appoints a special committee, the purpose of which will be the development and approval of the new appendix of the flag. Commission participants have launched 2 offers on color decoration: blue with a white cross and, on the contrary, white with a blue stripe and celestial cross.

2 years later, a blue-white-red flag was adopted, but it was allowed to use only on land. The main difference between Tricolor from the modern, adopted in the first half of the 40s of the twentieth century, was the saturation of color colors.

Iceland Flag-2

November 30, 1918. Vladyk Danmark Takes the law on approval of the official flag of Iceland. It is solemnly raised under the sounds of 21 guns. The solemn ceremony ended with the execution of the hymn.


On the blue canvas, the Scandinavian red cross, circled by a white contour; His center moved. Perpendicular Cross passes on the width of the flag and the whole length.

There are 2 options for the panels – state and state. They differ from each other along the length and the presence of 2 cosiers formed by a triangular neckline.

Flag Iceland-3

Flag of Iceland

Flag Iceland-4

Government flag of Iceland

The flag of Iceland looks like Norwegian: the ancestors of the Icelandic people lived in Norway. And the presence of flowers and white red relatives it with Flag of Denmark.

In coordination with the Icelandic government, the implementation of the flag is the advantage and not the right. Based on this, the owner of such a state symbolism should adhere to the principal rules and contain a “banner” in good condition. In another case, the owner may threaten a huge penalty or not counting this imprisonment.

Colors flag of Iceland

The flag of Iceland contains 3 colors: white, blue, and red. Blue and white are not bad colors in the country; They are associated with the colors of the Order of the Icelandic Falcon – the State Award, given for special prizes. Bird not counting this was depicted on the Icelandic Royal Flag. And red reminds me of the action of Denmark.

One of the laws of the island reads: the state flag can not be lifted to 7 in the morning, and empty – earlier sunset. Exceptions are solemn and official events, and mourning ceremonies: at the moment the flag can wave all day.

Meaning colors and flag sign

The color answer is chosen not just like that – it carries a certain essence and is associated with the Icelandic landscape:

  1. Red symbolizes a message with Norway – Historical Iceland. It indicates active volcanoes, there are quite enough of them on the peninsula.
  2. Blue – carries the water of the Atlantic Ocean, the sky, and the mountain peaks, which are surrounded by Iceland.
  3. White – Reminds of Snow Pokrov and Ice.

Base for the flag of Iceland served the Norwegian tricolor. Cross is a symbol of Christianity; It can be found on the flags of all Scandinavian countries.

In the first half of the 40s of the twentieth century, Iceland became the republic – the current flag was introduced into the law as a state. Faithful data on the proportions and colors of the flag are posted on the Premier website of Iceland.

Non-specialized information about Iceland

Official language Icelandic
Capital Reykjavik
Territory 103 125 km2
Population 357 050 people
Currency Iceland Crohn, (ISK, code 352)
Telephone code +354
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