Flag of Norway: meaning and colors

Norway is one of the states of Scandinavia, which has been closing independence rather not so long ago, in 1905, since that time it uses a personal sign, and not the distinctive signs of those states in whose administration was.

So the modern flag of Norway looks:

Flag of Norway-1

History of flag of Norway

The 1st registered flag is the sign of the squid alliance, which consisted of the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula, and Switzerland, Iceland, and Greenland. His colors were unidentified earlier time, but he was a cloth with a Scandinavian cross. Existed from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century.

At the end of the decay of the Alliance, all Norwegian lands moved away from Denmark, based on this, in upcoming Denmark. Later, the country appeared marine, looked like a Danish, supplemented only by the Norwegian coat of arms in the upper left corner.

Flag of Norway-2

Since 1815, Norway came to Swedish-Norwegian Union and used the Swedish flag, to which the coat of arms was later added, which is a sign of identification. The idea of ​​the modern flag seemed directly at the moment.

Flag of Norway-3

Description of the flag of Norway

It is a monophonic cloth on which the blue Scandinavian cross with a white border is located, the vertical strip of which is slightly shifted from the center to the left, closer to the ace. Its width is equal to the one-eighth part of the width of the panel, and the white border is already twice.

The creator of the idea and the creator of the layout is one of the participants in the Danish parliament, Frederick Melter.

Colors of the flag of Norway

The flag of Norway has the following 3 colors:

  1. Red;
  2. Blue;
  3. White.

It is believed that the colors are not unique, but taken from the Danish, and from the Swedish flag. But their Meaning is the same as France, Netherlands, Great Britain, and the USA.

Meaning colors flag of Norway

  1. Red – Blood Fighter, tightly defending the country’s independence in battles.
  2. Blue – Stormy Sea and belonging to Norway to marine powers.
  3. White – zeal to the endless world all over the world, innocence, and purity.
  4. Their combination – freedom.

Other flags

The symbol of the Navy is similar to the state but has a square, and not a good rectangular shape.

Flag of Norway-4

Royal Stand – Red Cloth with Norwegian Golden Lion.

Flag of Norway-5

Government and Army Flag.

Flag of Norway-6

Similar flags of countries

Iceland flag: The same symbolism is depicted, only a cloth – blue, and the cross are red.

Flag of Norway-7

  • Finnish flag: has a white color – blue cross.

Flag of Norway-8

  • Danish Flag: Red Flag with White Cross.

Flag of Norway-9

  • Swedish flag: blue with a yellow cross.

Flag of Norway-10

Norwegian flag – easy for Scandinavians, but has personal memorable distant features, not proper for others.

Non-specialized information about Norway

Official language Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynoshk) locally is Sami
Capital Oslo
Territory 385 207 km2
Population 5 367 580 people
Currency Norwegian crown (NOK, code 578)
Telephone code +47
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