Flag of Greenland: meaning and colors

The main sign of Greenland has a pair of values ​​and is well woven with the history of this cool island, characterizes the inimitable climatic conditions and the inimitable, natural terrain area.

So the modern flag of Greenland looks:

Greenland Flag-1

History of the flag

1st samples to make a personal and unique flag began in the first half of the 70s and years, the government announced the competition for the best idea. To chagrin, to the final response, the government failed to come to the flight, based on this sign of the country was not approved, without looking at what was subjected to a review of 500 works.

With the arrival of the independence of the island, the issue of the flag was once again faced, again there were a couple of projects for the development of a new sign. And only on June 21, 1985, was 100 percent, the type of modern flag of Greenland was approved. The winner and the creator, the head sign of the country, became a teacher and painter – Tue Christiansen. At the mark of the world in the world of Islands, there is a personal own name – Erfalesorput, which literally testifies the “domestic flag”.

Tue Christiansen is the island’s indigenous inhabitant, was the Minister of Culture and the Education of Greenland until 1983.

Greenland Flag-2

“The second” flag of Greenland, proposed in the first half of the 80s of the twentieth century (on the manner of Scandinavian)


The Scandinavian flag was used as a building base for the sign of Greenland. Standard rectangular mold web has two horizontal stripes, the lower part of the red color, and the upper – white. On the 2nd stripe actually in the center, with a displacement in the left edge, there is a flat circle, not counting this red and white combination. The red color of the circle lies on the half of the strip that is painted in white, and the notable part of the circle is on the lane with red. Ultimately, the image found out quite distinctive from the state banners of the Scandinavian countries.

Building the flag of Greenland

Flag of Greenland-3

Colors of the flag

Only two benign colors are located on the canvas:

  • White;
  • Red.

In coordination with the table of colors, the Color of the Pantone Color, the red color of the Greenland State Lights is at number 032. So the saturation and heat of the red shade are strictly monitored so that there is no wrong image on administrative events.

The main color palette is completely taken from the Danish flag, as a sign that this day the free peninsula is formally in the management of the kingdom Danmark. Greenland was a Danish colony from 1814, previously belonged to Norway.

Meaning colors and flag sign

The combination of white and red flowers symbolizes two hundred years of existence of Greenland, as a true part of the composition Kingdom of Denmark. The white area is evidenced by endless glaciers, snowy mountain tops, and a red strip – the ocean near the island.

The colors of the circle, not counting this, have a separate value, the white lower part indicates ice icebergs, and the red is interpreted as the mountains of Greenland fjords.

There is a 2nd Meaning at the circle in the center, it symbolizes the red, sunset sun, which goes beyond the horizon. The white part of the circle indicates light and heat that returns to the peninsula at the end of the polar night, closer to the summer solstice.

The fact that there is no image of the cross, a good Christian sign in the Scandinavian states on the flag, indicates that the country has autonomy from European powers. And that the Greenland Peninsula has a degree of political freedom, but there is a close message with the indigenous people.

So, the flag of the country only in the 2nd color responses completely reflects the historical dependence, from another country within 2 centuries. Refusal to introduce benign parts of Catholicism testifies to the freedom of choice in favor of the traditions of local peoples. And the symbolic circle of the center can be interpreted with different values, but they are all so either different from the unique nature of Greenland.

Non-specialized information about Greenland

Official language Greenland, Danish
Capital Nuuk
Territory 2 130 800 km2
Population 55 992 people
Currency Danish krona
Telephone code +299
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