Flags of Northern Ireland: meaning and color

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, England and Northern Ireland. It contains 6 out of 10 counties of the historical province of Ulster.

So the modern flag of Northern Ireland looks:

Flag of Northern Ireland

History flag of Northern Ireland

In the pre-Christian period of the peninsula inhabited scattered tribes. In the 5th century, Holy Patrick spread Christianity. He is a holy patron of the Irish. The historical banner is connected with it, which wears the title flag of St. Patrick. Officially, he was adopted by the Order of St. Patrick in the 1980s, 18th century. The flag is a white rectangular cloth with a skeleton-colored cross. Cross St. Patrick entered the municipal flag of England, Satisfied Northern Ireland.

Flag of Northern Ireland-2

From 1541 to 1800. The whole terrain of the island occupied the kingdom of Ireland, Managed Vladyka England.

In 1800 g. The English Parliament of the Irish Parliament has published an act of Unia, in coordination with which the United Kingdom was created England and Ireland. From this year, the Union Jack became the official flag, uniting signs of England, Scotland, and the cross. Patrick, Ireland sign.

Union Jack at the moment acts on the terrain of Northern Ireland as an official flag.

From 1801 to 1822. Lord governor Ireland Had a personal standard, mounted Union Jack with a state Irish sign in the center – Golden Harp with silver strings. The housing of the harp is made in the form of a figure of the winged lady by the type of those that decorated the Snob Sailing Ship.

Flag of Northern Ireland-3

From 1922 to 1973. The Governor’s personal stand was a Union Jack with a shield in the form of a central part of the Banner of Ulster, framed by a greenish wreath.

Flag of Northern Ireland-4

In 1924. England The Government of Northern Ireland was given a personal flag, called the banner of Ulster, the historical province. White rectangle with a red cross. Johor, in the center of which is a white six-pointed star having a red outline. 6 rays symbolized 6 counts. In the middle of the starred palm. The top ray of the star Walled Royal Crown.

Flag of Northern Ireland-5

Red Hand, Ulster – Heraldic Symbol. His origin is associated with the legend. A couple of men staged a contest. Sitting in the boats, they swam to the island, having agreed that Ulster would rule the one, whose hand the first touches the shore. In the middle of them was the founder of the sub front, Ireland O’Neal. Musesrev, which lags behind, cut off his hands for himself and threw off ashore. Formally, the condition was observed, and O’Neill became the first ruler of Ulster.

In 1953-1972. The banner of Ulster was used officially. In these years, the image of the crown was changed due to the coronation of Elizabeth II.

Flag of Northern Ireland-6

Since 1973, in connection with the dissolution of the Northern Ireland parliament, the banner of Ulster is not been officially used.


The flag of Northern Ireland is at the moment officially represented by Great Britain’s state sign, called Union Jack.

The ratio of width to length, 1:2.

Blue Rectangle with Red Cross With White Contour. The width of the diagonal together with the contour refers to the length of the flag as 1:10, and the ratio of the red diagonal stripe width to the flag length forms 1:30.

Over the oblique, the cross is imposed a wide straight red cross, which not counting it has a white outline. The width of the red stripes of the cross is related to the length of the flag, as 1:10, and the width of the white circuit on both sides relates to the length of the cloth, as 1:30.

Drawing symmetric. But the red diagonal stripes moved a pretty white contour. At the side, located closer to the pitch, the white outline is extensive – over red diagonals. At the free edge – the white outline is extensive under the red diagonals.

Colors flag of Northern Ireland

Three colors:

  • White;
  • Blue corresponds to 280 s according to the classification of Pantone;
  • Red corresponds to 186 with Pantone.

Meaning colors flag of Northern Ireland

A straight, wide cross of red – symbolizes the UK and is a cross of the Holy Johor, the patron saint of the English people.

Blue background, on which the oblique white cross is located – Scotland banner. It symbolizes the Andreessen Cross against the background of a clear sky. According to the legend, this cross in the 9th century saw the ruler of Pictites and Scott Angus II before the battle with the Angles. He was the harbinger of victory.

Red Diagonal Cross – Sign of St. Patricks, Patron Irish.

Other flags

Royal Stand – a rectangular cloth, divided by vertical and horizontal into 4 isometric rectangles. Left upper and right lower – red with the image of 3 gold (yellow) heraldic leopards (marching lions), the symbols of the UK. Right upper rectangle – yellow with double sink border, decorated with lilies. In his center – the rising shield, the symbol of Scotland. Lower left rectangle – blue with golden harp, Northern Ireland sign.

Flag of Northern Ireland-7

Interesting facts about the flag

Northern Ireland police are the only body in the United Kingdom, who is not given to post Union Jack. In official cases, the Royal Standard is used or the flag of this work.

Without looking at the fact that the banner of Ulster lost official recognition, but it is used in sports competitions as national teams and fans. Not counting, it uses Protestants and loyalists.

Not paying attention to the visual symmetry of the drawing, raise the flag in the inverted form – the principle violation. It is necessary to navigate the width of a white contour near red diagonal lines. In the string, this outline is extensive on top of the red stripes.

Non-specialized information about Northern Ireland

Official language English, Irish, Ulster Scottish
Capital Belfast
Territory 13 843 km2
Population 1 882,000 people
Currency Pound Sterling (GBP)
Telephone code +353 48 and +44 28
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