Flag Kyrgyzstan: meaning

Flag of Kyrgyzstan – Sign and Pride of the country. Municipal identity, sealing of the people, and the main treasures – all this is reflected on the main official sign. We will see its history, image values, and some good attention Facts.

So the modern flag of Kyrgyzstan looks:

Flag of Kyrgyzi-1

History flag of Kyrgyzstan

The personal 1st flag of Kyrgyz was taken in the late 1920s., Previously, they walked under the place of the Turkestan Republic.

Flag of Kyrgyzi-2 Flag of Kyrgyzi-3

The 1st flag of Kyrgyzstan was Russian: a red-colored carrot with a sickle and a hammer, inscriptions in Kyrgyz and Russian languages, and at first, the Kyrgyz version were written with Latin (and on the flag of the Turkestan Republic – in Arabic graphics), the transition to the Russian alphabet happened later.

Flag Kyrgyzi-4

The modern flag had other predecessors – the red color, distinguished inscriptions, and the presence of white-blue stripes.

Flag of Kyrgyzi-5 Flag of Kyrgyzi-6Flag of Kyrgyzi-7

The flag of the Kyrgyz Republic was approved on March 3, 1992. He was sewn and decorated with masters of silk screening for one night from a natural material and least as a day at the end of the approval was raised above the house of the Kyrgyzstan government (“White House”).

The Day of the Municipal Flag of Kyrgyzstan celebrates from March 2010.

Description of the flag

The state flag of Kyrgyzstan – a red rectangular cloth, the center shows the sunny disc of golden color and 40 rays from it, which are at an equal distance from each other. In the solar disk is a fiery color tunduk – a fixture, who has been gaining a dome of a good Kyrgyz housing-yurt for its lighting.

Tudyk – the symbol of communication internal and world around us, is associated with a homemade hearth. The design is a frame of the wood rim, in – a convex grid of crucifunctly connected crossbar. Tudyk holds the design of the dome of the yurt and forms a clever for the exit of smoke, there is a light window.

Colors of the flag of Kyrgyzstan

Flag painted in red (red) and yellow (golden) colors.

The color of the panels could be blue to retreat from the symbolism of the USSR. But the blue color in the south of the republic is considered mourning. Most of the voting over the red color was the Communists, and in the State Epos “Manas” the head brave was a red banner, based on this color did not exchange.

“Manas” – a monument of the Kyrgyz spirituality, the poetic feats of the hero of Manas, who led their own fighter in a campaign, a monument to the struggle of the nomadic Kyrgyz people for independence, the stronghold of moral treasures of the people. Epos is included in the Guinness Book of Records as greater in the World.

Meaning colors and flag sign

  • The red color is considered a state, almost always revered, it is considered a sign of valor and courage, the word “Kyrgyz” itself, which is translated as “red”.
  • The golden color is associated with peace and wealth.
  • The sun indicates the burning resistance, light, cohesion, and hospitality. The roofs of the Kyrgyz Yurt remind the sun of its design.
  • Dissolving rays-United into the population 40 of Ukraine tribes.
  • Tudyk – a collective image of the universe, why home and continuation of the kind, unity of residents Ukraine, Communication Earth, and Save. Personifies the strength of the mistake and the age-old traditions of fate.

Interesting facts about the flag:

  • The flag in Kyrgyzstan is used by the flag in Kyrgyzstan, with the image of the state coat of arms, it can be found in the cabinets of ministers, mayors, civil servants. It was sewn in Turkey and the manufacture cost $ 20 thousand.
  • Several times the symbol was proposed to change: change the color (red tied with coups and bloodshed in the country), change the tunduk on the image of the sea bice or mountains (in the drawing the tunduk, the similarity was found with sunflower, a sign of unable to fight for their independence of man).
  • Not having had time to approve the view of the web to the date of official joining the UN (March 1, 1992), Kyrgyzstan entered the Assembly with the required flag of the Kyrgyz SSR in New York.
  • Flag of Kyrgyzstan noted near the southern poles – Kyrgyz student defeated an international competition with a prize trip to Antarctica and captured the country’s symbol against the background of endless permanent.
  • Flag-present attribute car numbers Kyrgyzstan.
  • Earlier time in the production of the flag is used by the 1st template made in the first half of the 90s and century.
  • Tudyk, the central element of the Kyrgyz flag, not counting this is depicted on the Coat of arms of Kazakhstan And Kyzyl.
  • The techno the flag specification was approved only relatively not so long ago, 25 years later, at the end of his approval, it was previously found out a huge number of banner modifications, with differences in design and design.

The flag of Kyrgyzstan was sewn overnight, underwent a huge number of configurations. But he was able to maintain a personal symbolic message to the people. Original, remarkable, concise -takov modern flag of Kyrgyzstan.

Non-specialized information about Kyrgyzstan

Official language Kyrgyz – State Russian – official
Capital Bishkek
Territory 199 951 km2
Population 6 523 529 people
Currency Kyrgyz COM, (KGS, code 417)
Telephone code +996
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