Flag of Kazakhstan: meaning and colors

The flag of Kazakhstan was approved a couple of years after the end of how the republic was published by the USSR. The best brains worked on the development of the canvas; It fully shows the cultural inheritance of the whole people.

So the modern flag of Kazakhstan looks:

Flag of Kazakhstan-1

History flag of Kazakhstan

In the first half of the 90s of the 20th century, the Government of Kazakhstan declares the municipal competition: at least which wishing had the opportunity to offer a personal design for the future state symbolism. The qualifying committee was ruled by the current President Nursultan Nazarbayev. A total of 1200 applications were filed.

Jury members unanimously voted for the version of the artist Chaken Nyazbekva. A couple of months was consciously studied all the found literature on Heraldry and the history of the Kazakh people.

In the 2nd half of the 60s of the twentieth century, Nizhibekova prescribed the main artist VDNH Alma-Ata. It Will be held only a couple of years and he will lead the alliance of painters in Kazakhstan.


  • Kazakhstan flag is a rectangular canvas blue.
  • The center is placed with the sun with 32 rays and a soaring eagle.
  • A vertical strip is laid during the left edge.

Colors flag of Kazakhstan

In the first version, the ornaments, located on the flag, had a red color, but not so long remaining to wait was decided to make them gold.

Blue background – devotion and honesty sign. In Turkic peoples, he denotes an endless sky and all those people who live under it.

Meaning colors and flag sign

In the traditions of heraldry, each color and symbol carry a certain interpretation.

  • In blue – the background, people saw the Divine Start; They believed that this was expressed by their devotion to the Highest.
  • The sun is an energy source; fertility and badge. Rays have the shape of grains, and it is completely not just like this: the level of well-being depended on the number of harvests assembled.

If you interpret the meaning of the sign deeper, the image of the Sun can be associated with the image of a young country that is open to close cooperation with other countries.

  • Eagle is in the nobility of all power and second. Nothing prevents the bird to freely float over the earth – and the government tries to the remarkable future and altitude global civilization.
  • State ornament (a large strip on the left edge) embodies the traditions and culture of ancestors. Inharmonic forms and lines, the inner character of people is revealed.

Interesting facts about the flag

  • On the age-old anniversary of the conquest of the Southern Pole (in 2011), the national flag was established in Antarctica.
  • Exactly after 3 years, the climber from Kazakhstan Maksut Zhumayev will rise to the highest mountain of North America – the peak “Mac-Kinley”. From now on, the banner will be turned on and in that place.
  • On the eve of 2017, for most of the UN office in New York, the solemn ceremony of the establishment of the State Flag of Kazakhstan before the election of the Security Council. So this government is made by its full participant.

The flag is the main symbol of the country that personifies its sovereignty and identity. From the old days, such a distinctive sign connected people with certain state education.

Non-specialized information about Kazakhstan

Official language Kazakh – state; Russian – official in urban organizations and bodies of local self-government
Capital Nur-Sultan
Territory 2 724 902 km2
Population 18 809 210 people
Currency tenge, (KZT, code 398)
Telephone code +7
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