Flag of Morocco: meaning and colors

Morocco’s kingdom – the government is located in the northwestern part of Africa.

So the modern flag of Morocco looks:

Flag of Morocco-1

History flag Morocco

In antiquity, Moroccan lands belonged to the Phoenician country (Carthage), the Roman Empire, Byzantium until the conquest of Arabs.

1st Government on these lands was founded in the VIII century, at the head of which the family of Idris became. At that time, a flag was used with an incomprehensible image resembling a lying test tube on a non-specialized white background.

Flag of Morocco-2

Within the 11th to the 12th century, during the board of the Almoravid family, the same sign was used with the inscription on it: “There is no Highest, not counting Allah, Mohammed is available by the Messenger of Allah”. At the moment there was a big empire, the center of which was Morocco.

Flag of Morocco-3

With the fall of the Almoravid family, the age-old period of the Almohad family (1147-1248) came, under which the flag, looking like a chessboard on a non-specialized red background, was replaced. At the end of the fall of the family fell apart and the Empire.

Morocco 4-flag

Since the mid-13th to the mid-17th century in Morocco alternately ruled Marin IDs family, and Canadian watt’s dynasty in which the symbolism was modified again: on red background depicts the eight-pointed star. At this point in parallel was used except that the flag and the time Idris family. In the 16-17 centuries, the Moroccan Government has once again been on the rise and achieved the peak of its power.

Morocco flag-5

With the advent of the family Alewives (Alavidov) in the country while the 1st country to continue the policy, but gradually began to weaken the central government and, ultimately, Morocco has slipped into the category of a pirate country. While the flag was used as a rectangular cloth, red.

flag Morocco-6

Such a sign was used to continue to the new official flag of Morocco, which was approved in November 1915.

In the nineteenth century, the government became the object of struggle between the European countries of France, Spain, Britain, and a little later, Germany. Ultimately, France began to rule for most of the country, and on the other Spain. In the 2nd half of the 50s of the XX century, both parts took independence.


The non-specialized background of the state sign Morocco has a red color, and in the center of the panel depicted a green five-pointed star (pentagram), which is divided from a red background with black lines. Stog has an aspect ratio of 2 to 3.

Colors flag Morocco

The main colors of the Morocco sign are red and green.

Meaning colors flag Morocco

The red color for Moroccans has a couple of explanations and is inextricably linked to the history of the country. It is used for several centuries in Morocco as a symbol to designate the royal family. Not counting this, the red shade is the strength and sign of courage.

Star on the cloth is used from the old days as a sign of religion. For example, the star of King Solomon. Green color not counting this is associated with religion.

Other flags

In the kingdom of Morocco there are and not counting this are used by other signs, which means national affiliation, or are related to a certain structural branch of the country:

  • royal;

Flag of Morocco-7

  • civil;

Flag of Morocco-8

  • naval;

Flag of Morocco-5

  • Royal Army;

Flag of Morocco-10

  • Jack.

Flag of Morocco-11

Interesting facts about the flag

At that time, when the territory of the French and Spaniards was ruled by the territory, the official symbol adopted in 1915 was not allowed to use. Instead, there were other symbols (shopping flags):

  • French Protectorate;

Flag of Morocco-12

  • Spanish Protectorate.

Flag of Morocco-13

At the end of 1956, the official sign option began to be used everywhere.

Non-specialized information about Morocco

Official language Arabic, French, Spanish, Berber, Tamazigcht
Capital Rabat
Territory 710 850 or 446 550 (not counting Western Sahara) km2
Population 33 848 242 people
Currency Moroccan Durham (Mad, code 504)
Telephone code +212
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