Flag of Byzantium: photo and history

Studying the history of countries, it can be recognized quite a lot of advanced and unimaginable. Most of the people in the twenty century, not counting this, are not asked for light questions about the symbols of the mainland and countries. If you look at and drop a deeper in history, it turns out that the countries unrelated at the moment have previously had strong connections. One of these states has Byzantium.

So I had looked at the last flag of the Byzantine Empire:

Flag of Byzantium-1

History flag

Byzantium seemed at the end of the fragmentation of Rome into two countries: the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern. The last and unmarked Byzantium. She finished personal existence, at the time, at the time, at the time, at a time when it rules a family of Paleologists. This family and the origin of the Byzantine flag are connected. It is home to the family of Paleologists. In those days, the capital Prince Ivan 3-Ii married Sofia Paleologist. At the end of the fall of Byzantium, a homemade coat of arms is done as heredity, coat of arms RF and flag of Byzantium.

There is also a second version of the origin of this sign. It is associated with old Indians and mythology. The model of this sign features a two-headed eagle of the Hittite kingdom. In these legends, the eagles were presented as brave or rebellious. People depicted this symbol on the walls of temples.

What flag was with paleologists, it’s hard to say. Many other historians suggest that the flag was red with an orange or yellow cross. Cross crushed flag on 4 parts and in each part there was a symbol that resembled the letter in.

Flag of Byzantium-2


The main part of the canvas – double-headed eagle. The heads of the bird are crowned with a crown, and the wings are lowered down. On the poultry chest – the Monogram of Jesus Christ, which is folded from the 2nd letters of the name of Christ: c – Chi and r – ri. Eagle is located in the center of the canvas. All 2 parts – background. Paws are lowered down, and the eyes are aimed in different directions.

Color palette

Licken Background – Red. Many researchers assumed that earlier the background could be purple or yellow. The main character is presented in yellow.

Meaning colors flag Byzantium

Eagle has a long history and interesting importance. Heads that are mixed in different directions symbolize the symphony of the imperial power and church. Some scientists are confident that the bird is familiar with the victory over Byzantine.

The background of red shows the blood that the Byzantine armies were shed in the struggle for existence.

Heraldry already erased from the face of the state of states – mysterious and engaged topic. Flag of Byzantium is similar to the emblem of the Russian country. Byzantium completely left the imprint in history.

Non-specialized information about Byzantium

Official language Late Latin, Koine, Middle Greek
Capital Constantinople
Territory 3,500,000 km2 in the VI century at Justinian I, 440,000 km2 (1281)
Population 35 million (VI century), 10 million (XII century), 5 million (1281 years)
Currency Solid, Byzantine coin, Dukat
Telephone code
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