Flag Latvia: meaning and colors

The Republic of Latvia is one of the Baltic States, in the 1st it seemed on the world map, according to some historical data, until the XIII century. But the independence of the country managed to pick up only exclusively in 1918. After some time, the 1st municipal sign was adopted, which, although he was renewed for some time, later, but returned to his own past place.

So the modern flag of Latvia looks:

Flag of Latvia-1

History flag Latvia

Officially approved in the first half of the 20s of the XX century. It is considered a sign of appreciation to all state pride and the brave of the country of local inhabitants.

The 1st preserved flag was created in 1916 by journalist Janis Lapins for the German occupation.

At the end of Latvia in the USSR. The first flag of the Latvian USSR was a red panel with a golden sickle and a hammer in the upper left corner, in the ride, and the abbreviated title of the republic (LPSR) above it. He existed for thirteen years.

Flag of Latvia-2

Latvia has become part of the USSR in 1940, at the end of the introduction of the formation of the red parts and the new government army.

Upon completion of the configuration of the Constitution of Latvia in 1953, the sign has not been subjected to small changes. It was the main color of it and remained red that he held two-third flags of the flag, the sickle and hammer did not fail through the soil, but at the moment the five-pointed star of the color of the panel and the gold circuit appeared above them. Apart from this, the bottom at the moment occupied the extraordinary sea, made of white and blue wavy lines and blue colors of different widths.

Flag of Latvia-3

In 1988, it was decided to recognize the historical combination of flag colors to state and allow to return the original Latvian symbol.


Represents three horizontal stripes, two sides, have one color and one size – twice as large central.

The cloth has a good rectangular shape, with an aspect ratio of two to one.

Could have a completely 2nd color ratio, if there were ideas to use and more not bad 1:1:1. Red not counting, it could have a 2nd, more noteworthy shade. A completely approved appearance seemed in 1923.

Flag colors (“Latvian Red”) are red and white.

There is a legend that the pretext for the origin of such colors was the moment, at that time, at the time, at the time, at the time when the head of the army was mortally wounded, and he was taken out of the battlefield on white cloth. From the blood that fought from their wounds, the fabric changed the color, becoming red. But in that battle, Latvia won, and funny fighters raised this piece of fabric to swell as a banner.

Meaning colors and flag sign

  1. White – honor and advantage, and justice and power of the law in Latvia.
  2. Dark-red – blood color, spilled fighters, their valor, and courage.

His name SarkanBaltsarkanais Karogs fully reflects reality, on the event that it can be translated as “red-white-red flag”.

Interesting facts about the flag

  • Mentioned in the German Relief Chronicle as “Red, Divided White”. Mention dates from the 2nd half of the thirteenth century.
  • Very similar to the state flag of Austria. It is distinguished by the smallest width of the middle strip, more elongated shape, and more respectful color of red. By the way, the state flag of Austria has a couple of 2nd appearances – a black eagle is depicted on it. There is a funny case that is associated with this: in Macedonia A couple of years ago, the Austrian Chancellor welcomed the lifting of the Latvian sign directly.
  • The most huge cloth was raised in Riga in 2018 and had a non-specialized area of ​​4020 meters. Event Creation to Giant – Anniversary of the Republic.

Latvia values ​​its state flag and in different years did everything to secure him and officially recognize his ownership of the country.

Non-specialized information about Latvia

Official language Latvian
Capital Riga
Territory 64 589 km2
Population 1 898 400 people
Currency Euro (EUR, code 978)
Telephone code +371
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