Flag of North Macedonia: photo and colors

The Republic of Northern Macedonia – Government located on the Balkan Peninsula in the Southeast Part of Europe, with a territory of 25.3 thousand. Km2, and a population of more than 2 million. Human.

So the modern flag of Northern Macedonia looks:

Flag of Northern Macedonia-1

History flag of North Macedonia

The territory of today’s republic is a bit more than one-third of the Macedonian regions of Turkey. In different periods of history, this territory belonged to different states. At first, the twentieth century (1903 g.) There was a rebellion of the population against the Ottoman IGA and created the 1st Republic in the Balkans (Republic of Krusevo). It is unusual that a new formation has existed only 10 days, but managed to accept the personal 1 official flag.

Flag of Northern Macedonia-2

At the end of the fall of the Republic of Macedonia, it seemed to be dependent on Osman, the kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenians. From 1929 to 1941, its territory was part of Yugoslavia on the rights of the provinces and was named Warca Banovina. For 2nd global in its place was formed by the Free Republic of Macedonia with its own symbolism.

Flag of Northern Macedonia-3

At the end of the war, Yugoslavia was organized on the principle of the federation, in which Macedonia was established by the People’s Republic. The sign of that period was the red flag with a five-pointed star in the center.

Flag of Northern Macedonia-4

Since 1963, the People’s Republic has been renamed socialist, and the municipal sign took a new appearance. In this version, it was used to continue until the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1991-1992.

Flag of Northern Macedonia-5

The modern flag was adopted in October 1995.

At the end of the collapse of Yugoslavia, henceforth until the statement of the new sign of the country was depicted “at the moment the star”. Due to protests in Greece, On the location of which there was a dilated tomb of kings with a similar image, Macedonia replaced sixteen radiation stars with eight radiation.

Flag of Northern Macedonia-6


The cloth has a rectangular shape, with the proportions of the sides as 1 to 2. On his red field, the sun is drawn, from which eight expansion beams come to the edges of the unspecialized field.

Colors of the flag

Only two colors are used on the official sign of the Republic of Northern Macedonia:

  1. Red;
  2. Yellow.

Meaning colors flag of North Macedonia

The symbolism of the country personifies the “New Sun of Freedom”, glorified in the State Anthem of Northern Macedonia.

  1. The sun is freedom and independence.
  2. Yellow color – wealth and wealth.
  3. Cheeky symbol – and red courage.

Other flags

In June 1944, the 1st Macedonian Impact Brigade was organized, folded from ethnic Macedonians.

Interesting facts about the flag

The Virginity Star used in the initial period was replaced after the end of how Greece During the year, North Macedonia has subjected to an economic blockade. And all the same, such a star is used on the flag of Macedonia – Greek.

Flag of Northern Macedonia-7

Non-specialized information about Northern Macedonia

Official language Macedonian, Albanian
Capital Skopje
Territory 25 333 km2
Population 2 073 702 people
Currency Macedonian Denar
Telephone code +389
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