Flag of Austria: photo and history

Flag of Austria – according to a modern interpretation, white color personifies independence that the Austrian people won fighting with the monarchy. According to another version, the white band of the flag personifies the Danube. The state styled several times was taken as an official symbol and canceled. The last time the adoption was carried out was in 1945. Like many Flags, Austrian has a side ratio of 2:3.

An integral symbol of the country personifies its identity and sovereignty. Makes the function of population association Ukraine and its identification with a certain municipal education.

This is what the Austrian flag looks like today: photo

Flag of Austria-1

History of the flag of Austria

European. The municipal symbol has passed a difficult path to recognizing him as official and unstable.

According to the legend, the origin of such coloring the sign of Austria is associated with the Duke of Leopold Babenberg. At the end of the angry battle of Baron during Accra with Saracens in the first half of the 90s of the XII century, his military vestment was impregnated with blood, only a snow-white band remained under the belt. The combination of colors was impressed by Leopold and he moved them to a generic standard.

The flag seemed in its own modern form in 1918, at the end of the proclamation of Austria by the Republic. 1919 officially approved. At the end of the country’s inclusion in Germany in the 2nd half of the 30s of the twentieth century, it was canceled. At the end of the 2nd global again restored.

The symbol of the country acting to the present official was approved on April 27, 1984.

Description flag of Austria

The symbol of the country of Austria is represented as a rectangular cloth, folding from three horizontal isometric strips. In the legislation of the republic’s proportions of the Flag, the ratio is not allowed, in fact, at least what time is 2:3. For this reason, it is permissible to meet various lengths and widths.

Colors of the flag of Austria

Colors of the flag of Austria – Red and White Red. On the canvas are the red – upper and lower band and white – in the center. The combination of such tones seemed in the deepest Middle Ages.

The Meaning of the colors of the Austrian flag

Although the color in the traditions of heraldry has a definite meaning:

  • Upper and lower red stripes blood sign, spilled patriots fighting for independence and freedom of Austria.
  • White symbolizes the freedom, conquered by the Austrian people in the investigation of overthrowing in this state of the monarchical regime.

According to the approved official version, the white stripe symbolizes the Danube River, crossing the terrain of the Republic of Austria from the West to the East.

The Austrian flag is the state sign of the Great Past, Glorious Real, and Relatives Coming.

Alternative flags of Austria

Flag of the Austrian Empire

This is the flag of the Austrian Empire

State flag of Austria

This is the state flag of Austria

Flag of Upper Austria

The flag of Upper Austria was officially accepted on April 25, 1949

Non-specialized information about Austria

Official language German; Regional Languages: Gradish-Croatian, Hungarian, Slovenian
Capital Vein
Territory 83 879 km2
Population 8 923 507 people
Currency Euro (EUR, code 978)
Telephone code +43
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