Flag of Vietnam: meaning and colors

Vietnam has a difficult story, solely in the XX century, he experienced a couple of wars, armed conflicts, and a change of political regime. This long struggle for independence found a personal reflection in its flag with symbols corresponding to almost all states with the socialist regime.

So looks at the flag of Vietnam:

Flag of Vietnam-1

History of origin

The 1st flag (in modern awareness of this word) appeared in Vietnam at the first of the XIX century, thanks to the emperor of Nguyen Zya Long, united the northern, southern, and central parts of the country. The banner imagined the yellowish cloth with a red circle in the middle.

Flag of Vietnam-2

By the middle of the 19th century, the flag has changed the change: the colors did not change, but the location of the circle was taken by 3 horizontal bands – a reference to one of the eight trigrams “Books of Transformations”, lying in the base of Taoism. Apart from this, it is customary to calculate that three red bands symbolized the southern, server, and central Vietnam, combined into a single empire.

Flag of Vietnam-3

At the end of the XIX century, Vietnam was under France’s Protector. The southern region was 100% under the control of the French, in the northern and central parallel there were two governments. So, before the beginning of the 20th century, three flags were played in Vietnam: French, Vietnamese (imperial), and French Protectorate Flag.

Flag of Vietnam-4

At first, the XX century flag again fought change, and from 1920 to 1945 there was one wide red strip of 3 narrow. For the 2nd global Vietnam was short-term occupied by Japanese armies, who traveled from the country of representatives of France. Assestrate from March to August 1945, the flag again got three stripes, the central of which was “torn” in the middle.

Flag of Vietnam-5

At the end of the 2nd Global Wars, the French tried to return to Vietnam, but they met an active resistance from the military-political organization Vietmin made in the 2nd half of the 30s of the 20th century in order to combat the independence of the country. At the same time, the modern version of the Vietnamese flag – the Red Plot with a yellow five-pointed star. In fact, at the end of which the country was broken into two parts: southern and northern.

Flag of Vietnam-6

Until the union in the 2nd half of the 70s of the XX century, South Vietnam used a good yellow flag with 3 red stripes. At the end of the war in Vietnam, 1969 to 1976, a temporary revolutionary government used a red-blue banner with a yellow star. In the server Vietnam, all this time was a red “communist” flag with a yellow star. In the consequence, he became a non-specialized Vietnam sign and underwent a change only once – in 1955 the star was not quite decreased and its rays became more compatible (following the example of what was adopted in the Russian alliance).

Flag of Vietnam-7


Modern flag there is a red rectangular cloth. The aspect ratio is not bad – 3 to 2. In the center of the flag, there is one big five-pointed star of bright yellow.

Flag of Vietnam-8

Colors flag of Vietnam

In the course of history in the Vietnamese flag used only two colors:

  1. Red;
  2. Yellow.

The exception can be considered only the banner of the temporary revolutionary government of the Republic of South Vietnam – they added a wide blue lane to the Communist Banner of Northern Vietnam.

The modern flag is made in a good color political.

The Meaning colors flag of Vietnam

Vietnam – one of the few states, which previously follow the socialist model, as a result, its banner reflects the corresponding symbolism. Red – blood and the color of the revolution, spilled in the struggle for freedom and independence, yellow – symbolizes the Vietnamese people himself (in some sources there can be a direct reference to the color of the skin).

Star testifies to the victory of social parties and unity 5 of the main classes: farmers, workers, intelligentsia, military and youth.

Non-specialized information about Vietnam

Official language Vietnamese
Capital Hanoi
Territory 331 210 km2
Population 97 040 334 people
Currency Dong
Telephone code +84
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