Armenia flag: color and meaning

The flag of Armenia was adopted on August 24, 1990, at this time and marks the day of the flag. Colors present on the banner of Armenia – these are the colors of the final period of the rubanid dynasty (Kilician kingdom). Red, blue as well as yellow transmit the basic symbolic significance of the composition. To date, the symbol of the state contains a standard rectangular shape that most states apply. The ratio of length and width of the canvas is also viewed – 2:1. Tri-color cloth, together with equal, according to the size of horizontal stripes: at the top – red, in the center – blue, bottom – orange.

So the flag of Armenia looks like: photo

Flag of Armenia-1

Eraguin (Arm.) – State Flag of Armenia. Armenian symbol approved at the municipal level. Immersing in the history of his configuration and the coming appearance, it is permissible to notice how very much he changed.

History of the flag of Armenia

In the rich history of the country, Armenians have enough bad. In the depths of the ages of the family, the former power, on the samples portrayed various animals, which symbolized any lanes in the short. They were installed on the field of Braai, before the start of army battles, as a symbol.

In the ten-degree century, at the time, at the time, at the time when Armenia was crushing among themselves Persians and Osmans, she had no flag at all. Until that time before that time until a priest from the church did a red-green and white tricolor. In the signs, this flag denoted “Red Sunday” (1 Easter Sunday) and “Green Sunday of Easter”.

Flag of Armenia-2

The modern tricolor was found in the country’s original time in 1918, at that time, at the time, at the time when the 1st Republic of Armenia appeared. These are the colors of the finish of the Rubenide family period (Cilician Finish Government of the XIII-early XIV BB.). There were proposals to adopt the flag of the Rainbow color as official, but they were rejected.

In the first half of the 20s of the twentieth century, at the end of the proclamation of the Armenian SSR, a new flag was created that existed for a month. At the end of which the republic was introduced into the Caucasian SFSR, which has a red rectangle with a hammer and a sickle in an asterisk. And the semicircle of the star was the inscription ZSFSR. And this version of the flag existed for a long, until 1936, at the time, at that time, at that time, at the time, while the Republic of Armenia was already a personal flag.

Flag of Armenia-3

During the existence of the USSR, Armenia changed the a couple of times the flag. The final version was the following: the red canvas, in the middle of the blue band (1/4 of the total field), and on the left in the top – the hammer and sickle, and the small asterisk above them.

Flag of Armenia-4

  • 1922 – 1937

Armenian Flag-5

  • 1937-1940

Flag of Armenia-6

  • 1940-1952

Flag of Armenia-7

  • Flag of Armenian SSR 1952-1990

On the day of independence of Armenia, August 23, 1990, there was disposal about the return of the Tricolor of the Standish period.

Flag of Armenia-8

Description flag of Armenia

Looks like an Armenian flag as a rectangular cloth. In its composition, three horizontal stripes are the same in length and width. Top strip – red, medium – blue, bottom – orange. The ratio of length to the width of the flag – 1:2.

Colors of the flag

Officially installed three colors of the flag:

  1. Red;
  2. Blue;
  3. Orange.

They are kept by Gosstandart. There are cases, at the time, at the time, at the time, at the time, at a time when it was used with the black flowers of colors.

What do the colors of the Armenian flag meaning

The constitutional meaning of the flag colors is established as follows:

  • Red color – a sign of Armenian Highlands, survival in the struggle of the Armenian people, independence and Christian faith and freedom of Armenia;
  • Blue is a symbolism of the fate of the people under the peaceful sky;
  • Orange color is a strip symbol of the work of talents from the population of Ukraine.

According to unofficial data, the designations of colors have another interpretation:

  1. Red – His victims and the Armenian Genocide are among the one and a half million killed;
  2. Blue is a clear and peaceful Armenian sky;
  3. Orange symbol of the courage of Armenian ladies and young men.

The history of the development of the flag of Armenia is very rich and goes to its roots deep in the past. In case you look deep in the ages, it is permissible to notice that the modern sign of the country has nothing to do with the Old Flag, in which Armenians raised the morale before the fights.

Non-specialized information about Armenia

Official language Armenian
Capital Yerevan
Population 29 743 km2
Territory 2 986 100 people
Currency Armenian dram (AMD, code 51)
Telephone code +374
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