Flag Azerbaijan: photo, colors and meanings

The flag of Azerbaijan was ceremonially adopted on February 5, 1991. The flag is a tricolor cloth, blue, green, and red stripes are horizontally located. In the center of the flag on the Red Strip, there are eight-pointed stars and crescent. Both images of white. Solidarity of the Constitution of Azerbaijan, blue color on the flag is the traditional color of Turkic peoples and symbolizes – Turkish, red – progress, green – Islam. Crescent refers to the belonging to the religion of Islam, the eight-pointed star denotes eight industries of Turkic peoples.

This country has personal distinctive signs. Among them and Azerbaijan, having a personal flag, anthem and coat of arms. At least what an abuse of the state symbolism is punished in the legal field.

This is what the modern flag of Azerbaijan looks like: photo

Flag of Azerbaijan-1

History of the flag Azerbaijan

Flag of Azerbaijan official status adopted in 1918. At first, he represented the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (ADR), but it existed for only 2 years. In the end of which the country became a free state, but the tricolor did not change. Flag Day in Azerbaijan is celebrated on November 9th from 2009.

The creator of a multicolored tricolor has a prominent philosopher and Azerbaijani Dr. Ali Beck Huseynzade. For the original time the web with the state. Symbols raised Baku on the marine station, at the time, while the English General Thomson was held.

In the history of the flag of Azerbaijan, there were many busy events. So, at the end of the collapse of the ADR, some Azerbaijanis found out in Europe. Among their Gulmamed Bagirov. For solemn days to him often came countrymen. And on one of these events, the owner was transferred to the state flag asking for delivering him to his homeland.

This wish was made after decades later, but at once Bagirov, having listed the flag of the waist of the spouse, brings him to Azerbaijan. Later, Tricolor will fill in the museum.

In the late 80s, the flag is used in the course of mass shares of the emerging state movement. He was also posted on the structure of parliament.

This layout looks like this:

Flag of Azerbaijan-2

Description flag Azerbaijan

The flag is a tricolor and folds out of 3, the same in size, strips. An eight-pointed crescent and star are depicted in the center of the canvas. The month keeps the star with their tips.

Colors of the flag of Azerbaijan

The main colors of the flag 3:

  1. Blue is the embodiment of the Turkic nation – the head population of Azerbaijan.
  2. Red – color emphasizes democratic independence in the republic.
  3. Green – Says about Islam. This religion is confirmed in the designated country.

The Meaning of the flag of Azerbaijan

The Meaning of the blue color has the deepest roots here. In fact, for all Turkic peoples, he symbolizes the universe, wealth, and freedom. In case of contacting Turkic mythology, here is blue – a sign of a male start and endless sky.

About religion says crescent: he brings with his commitment to Islam. Star is a sign of unity of different branches of Turkic peoples. 2nd the designation of the heavenly shine – 8 letters, of which the word “Azerbaijan” develops in Arabic.

Symbols of the eight-pointed star roots leave back in paganism. This is one of the audible divine characters.

Azerbaijani flag – and the embodiment of the freedom of unity, and the harmonious plexus of the traditions of Islam with modern realities.

Alternative flags of Azerbaijan

Flag of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic – which was adopted on October 7, 1952, and canceled February 5, 1991. Aspect ratio 1:2. Flag of southern Azerbaijan

Flag of the National Awakening of Southern Azerbaijan, which was founded in 1995. His leader Czhanganla, Mahmudali Babakhan Ogly

Non-specialized information about Azerbaijan

Official language Azerbaijani
Capital Baku
Territory 86 600 km2
Population 10 073 200 people
Currency Azerbaijan Manat (AZN, code 944)
Telephone code ++994
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