Flag of Belarus: photo and meaning

The flag of Belarus was adopted on May 14, 1995 and annually on the second Sunday of May, there is a day of state emblem and the state flag of the Republic of Belarus. Some countries of the former USSR try to find very ancient signs for the flag to highlight the long period of the existence of the people, others turn to their signs of the Empire period. Belarus in this regard is inimitable: in the 2nd half of the 90s of the XX century, they decided to return to their own flag of the USSR period.

So the Belarus flag looks like: photo

Flag of Belorussia-1

The history of the flag of Belarus

The flag of the Belarusian SSR until 1951 was, the usual for all of the USSR, the flag of red with Russian elements in the upper left corner.

Flag of Belarus-2

In the first half of the 50s of the twentieth century, the flag was changed by adding a red municipal ornament, and a small green strip down.

Flag of Belorussia-3

At the end of the collapse of the USSR in Belarus, the idea was applied to return to the flag of the period of the Belarusian People’s Republic of 1918: Red and White Horizontal Stripes. In the first half of the 90s of the twentieth century, this flag became state.

Flag of Belorussia-4

At the end of the arrival of the Lukashenko, discussions about the country’s state flag began to appear increasingly and that it is not necessary to renounce Russian heritage. In 1995, a referendum was held, in which people gave the right to choose the flag of their country. Then they returned to the Russian flag of 1951, but without a sickle and hammer at the top.

Description flag of Belarus

The format of the Belarus flag is enshrined in the relevant laws of the country. They are written in them: the main element is two horizontal stripes, a ratio of 2 to 1. Upper – red, twicecred lower – green stripes. The edge of the flagpole should have a red ornament on a white background, made in government traditions. Surrons with this flag and flagpole should remain a white cloth 1: 9 to the sizes of the flag.

Since 2004, when posting the flag in official events, certainly use the tip in the form of a five-pointed star. Also, the law is spelled out that he, like the flagpole, should be golden. Female flagpole 1:3 to flag width.

Colors of the flag of the Republic of Belarus

The flag is used by colors and green red, the right shade of which is registered in the law, applying the Aggregation of the ICO 1964. Interestingly, the 1st time was used by these from the colors of VIA, released in the 2nd half of the 80s of the XX century. Red ornament must match the red flag strip.

Meaning of flag and sign colors

The flag folds from the 3 main parts – red and green:

Red color

In coordination based on the beliefs of historians, the main thing is the Russian heritage, in circumstances that these colors are associated directly with it. Also, in a distant Grunwald battle of 1410 against the German Crusaders, the shelves from the location of Belarus were used red. Partisans of the 19th century also used this color. Based on this, the red color for many Belarusians is also a sign of freedom.

Green color

Green symbolizes two things: the wealth of nature of the country, and the celebration of spring over the winter period, which is evidenced by the wake of the young country.


In the database of the ornament – the “ascending sun” pattern, made in 1917, first of the civil war and the first attempt of Belarusians to make the National Government. Figures on the edges – diamonds, symbolizing the collection, life and continuation of wealth. Some antique tribes on the locality of Belarus during the design of clay dishes applied directly diamond images.

White color on the ornament also emphasizes the historical name of the region, and at the moment and the country – “White Rus”.

For these days, Belarus is the only country of the former USSR, which preserved the flag of the Russian Republic. Today Belarus has a full successor of the BSSR not only on international regulatory acts, well, and by type of flag.

Non-specialized information about Belarus

Official language Belarusian, Russian
Capital Minsk
Territory 207 600 km2
Population 9 408 400 people
Currency Belarusian ruble, Br (BYN, code 933)
Telephone code +375
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