Flag of Georgia: colors and meaning

Flag of Georgia – one of the main distinguishing signs of the country. As in other countries, there is a personal inimitable symbolism in Georgia, which carrying a special essence. The two-color cloth of this country has a personal long history.

So the modern flag of Georgia looks:

Flag of Georgia-1

History flag of Georgia

The history of the Georgian flag, on which 5 crosses are represented, goes on a hollow distance in the past. A similar model was found at the initial one in the middle of the 13th century, during the Board Johor V, and earlier the time for the banner of the Georgian kingdom there was only two strip-crumbling at right angles. Georgia has its own symbolism from the 5th century, but the option with the cross at times came out of consumption and was replaced with others. For example, in 1918-1921 and 1990-2004, a flag of red, black, and white colors was used in the country. Red tone personified not a bad result of the past and calm future, black – meant the Russian Board, and white – self-control and hope.

Flag of Georgia-2

With the USSR, the USSR flags were used in Georgia:

Flag of Georgia-3

  • 1921-1922

Flag of Georgia-4

  • 1922-1937

Flag of Georgia-5

  • 1937-1951

Flag of Georgia-6

  • 1951-1990

In the years and the 90th half of the twentieth century, a banner with five crosses began to be used as a sign of Georgian unity and independence – one not small, crushing cloth on 4 parts and 4 small. For a long time, this symbolism was not accepted at the legislative level, and the official continued to take the order of the annoyance banner.

Flag of Georgia-7

The modern version of the flag was officially accepted only on January 14, 2004. This happened at the end of the People’s Revolution of 2003. Strong, plump, freedom-loving Georgian people figured out this flag by the victory sign, were sure that only the glued government could merge under it. The new flag was supposed to help return the past glory and lead to the flourishing of the Empire. Ultimately, the fight against the Shevardnadze regime ended the victory, and the real version of the flag was officially recognized as a sign of Georgia.

Flag of Georgia-8

A white flag of Georgia with 2 crossed red stripes has deep historical roots. It is believed that he initially began to be used by the king Vakhtang Gorgasalom – one of the founders of Georgian statehood.

Army flags

Flag of Georgia-9

  • Flag of Air Force

Flag of Georgia-10

  • Naval flag

Flag of Georgia-11

  • Army flag

Flag of Georgia-12

  • Flag of land armies


The current Flag of Georgia is a rectangular white cloth, divided into four equal parts with a huge red cross, located right in the center. Stripes of this cross stretch exactly to the very edges. In the midst of each of the 4 white sites is still one Red Cross.

A huge cross is known as the Cross of the Holy Jhor, and small – these are the Bolnisy Crosses.

Meaning colors and flag sign

A huge cross symbolizes Jesus Christ, four small – 4 evangelists.

The flag consists of 2 colors: white and red:

  1. White color is wisdom and the designation of purity;
  2. Red – valor, courage, justice, purity of thoughts.

The choice of such official symbols is not at all occasion. In addition to the times of crusades, people who participated in them were silent on their clothes like these crucifixes. It was a sign of RAS Jesus Christ.

The actual flag of Georgia indicates the commitment of its people the main Christian treasures and indicates a long way that it was necessary to pass people in their formation.

Non-specialized information about Georgia

Official language Georgian
Capital Tbilisi
Territory 69 700 km2
Population 3 716 858 people
Currency Georgian lari
Telephone code +995
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